wrap it up beautifully

After being complimented yet again on my gift wrapping skills at the weekend, I felt the need to confess. Although I’m usually not short of creative flair, my impatience renders me useless when it comes to gift wrap. The only reason it turns out to be something worthy of compliments (which always surprises me as much as the recipient) is because of the materials. The trick to fast, easy, effective gift wrapping is to keep it simple – with good quality wrapping paper, or simply brown paper, delicately patterned ribbon and tag and a unique little touch if you can. These little white letters are perfect, and make it more personal. Or find something in the garden – a fresh flower or sprig of something pretty and simply tuck it under the ribbon. I’ve also used peacock feathers for special occasions, they look stunning but are a little harder to come by! And finally, to keep up the pretence of being a gift wrap extrordinaire, don’t even attempt to wrap a present if it’s an odd shape…simply pop it in a beautiful box, and pad it with gold or silver tissue paper.