Working with mum: meet the mother and daughter duo behind Pickle Pie

Running a small business with anyone can be stressful, but have you ever considered going into business with your mum? That’s exactly what Sandra (pictured above), founder of Pickle Pie Gifts did, and it’s worked marvellously. She works with her mum to create a range of bespoke, personalised gifts. After speaking to them about how their business works, we’ve put together some tips on how to successfully work with your mum.

  • Set boundaries

Before you start working together, set some boundaries around your working relationship. Make sure you’re both clear on how decisions are made, where responsibilities lie and how you’ll fit together as a team.

  •  Try to forget your mother-daughter roles at work 

This can be tricky, but try to forget that you’re mother and daughter at work. Remember to behave as you would with all your other colleagues, no special treatment.

  • Use your relationship to your advantage

You know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and will have an innate understanding of the other’s thought processes and approach to work. Use this to your advantage when distributing workload.

  • Schedule business-free time together

Make sure you still lead a normal mother-daughter life outside of work. Plan to do things together at the weekend or in the evenings as you normally would if you didn’t work together. Stick to these commitments, even if you’re having a tough time in the office. Work talk should be off limits, concentrate on your relationship with one another.


  • Comment by Allison Williams

    I think this is a wonderful, inspiring message. My son and I have just started working together and your tips for success have been taken on board.

  • Comment by Lisa Drabble

    Great advice to anyone going into business with family. One of the most valuable things we’ve learned in three years of doing this is to remember to have some sister time (I run Squid & Pear with my little sister)! It took us two years to figure that one out and we’re much happier and more productive as a result. It really is the simple things…

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