the last day as miss nihad

Tomorrow, Mr Anthony Boothe, will be making an honest woman out of our very own bride-to-be, Louise Nihad!

Louise has been out of the office for over a week now and we’ve missed her so much. For the Weddings Team and our surrounding colleagues on the second floor of “ towers”, the air has been pierced intermittently with tense squeals throughout the week; “ooo only three days…two days…ah it’s tomorrow!”

Like us, you have shared in Lou’s preparations, details and thoughts, in the build up to her wedding day. We can’t believe how fast it has come around. Our main emotion today is sheer excitement for both Lou and Ant and we can’t help but think about how they must be feeling on the eve of their nuptials?!

Doing ‘what we do’ and having a lot of females in our offices, we are also slightly giddy at the thought of seeing Lou in her wedding dress. She has been quite tight-lipped about it up until now and we are also speculating on other aspects of her day that have been kept hush hush. But whatever Louise’s choice of flowers, favours and other details (on which you will receive a full post-wedding report!) we know that they will perfectly befit the day that her and Ant have wanted and planned together.

They are a truly-wonderfully-lovely couple and they deserve everything good that comes their way. So without further ado we raise a ‘glass’ and say; good luck, chin-chin and congratulations, to the soon-to-be, Mrs & Mrs Boothe. We hope you have an amazing day together and enjoy every moment.

With lots of love to you both,

Your Weddings Team & the whole family!


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