Win a Bohemia satchel and a range of handbag essentials


This week, we’ve been thinking a lot about our handbags, and the essential items we can’t live without. With that in mind, we’re offering a brand new handbag and a selection of our favourite personal accessories to one lucky winner. The prize includes:

1.  An electric blue Boho Bright Mini Satchel by Bohemia. In the last few years, the popularity of old-fashioned satchels has soared, and we love this modern take on a classic design. The bright electric blue hue will make it a stand-out accessory to pair with neutral shades or clash with other brights.

2. Personalised Charmed Keyring by Joulberry with 3 charms, personalised with wording of your choice. Carry a little memento of your loved ones with you wherever you go – this sterling silver keyring can be personalised with three names, dates or words (up to 40 characters on each charm).

3.  A Pastel Flowers Case For iPhone by Nikki Strange. We adore all of Nikki Strange’s accessories; the print designer’s phone covers are unlike any others we’ve seen. Her range includes designs for iPhone 4, 4s or 5.

4. An Elephant Parade Compact Mirror by Quirkybee. Ensure you never suffer from a hair or makeup malfunction whilst on the go.

5. An Inital Glitter Pouch by Alphabet Bags.  These little pouches are so useful – they’re the perfect size for keeping makeup, hair grips, tissues or plasters contained in your handbag.

6. Tree Leather Card Case by TovicorrieKeep your train tickets, bank and travel cards safe in Tovicorrie’s printed leather card holder. It can also hold folded notes, ideal for when you want to travel light and leave your bulky purse at home.

7. A pot of English Rose Hand Cream by Quintessentially English. This cream is made from sustainably sourced natural beeswax blended with rainwater and fine rose fragrance. It smells lovely and makes your hands feel beautifully soft.

8. Monogrammed Leather Bound Notebook by Hope House Press. The front cover of this luxury notebook features a characterful letterpress initial. The aged-effect print gives these journals a real vintage appearance.

TO ENTER: leave a comment below telling us your most treasured handbag essential. What’s the one thing you take everywhere with you and can’t live without? One winner will be chosen at random. Good luck!

Terms and conditions: To enter the competition, entrants must leave a comment on this blog post telling us the one handbag essential that you take everywhere or cannot live without. Entrants must submit their email address in the email entry field when leaving a comment. The competition closes at midnight on Sunday 15 September 2013 and any entries must be submitted prior to that time. One winner will be selected by staff at, and our decision is final. The winner will receive the above listed prizes with personalisation of their choice where personalisation is possible.  The prize is not transferable and there is no cash alternative. The winner will be contacted directly by email. Your name or email address will not be used or processed for any other purpose by, unless you have provided that email address separately to as a customer email address, in which case it will be stored and processed in accordance with our privacy policy. We will contact the winner by 6pm on Monday 16 September 2013. Employees of and their families are not eligible for entry into this competition.

  • Comment by carrie burnie

    My handbag essential is my favourite lip balm :)

  • Comment by Amanda Atkinson

    My one little treasure I cannot do without in my handbag is my keys, these are the opening to my little home, car and my key ring has my little angels picture on it.

  • Comment by Emma James

    My mini pot of hand cream.

  • Comment by Candy

    The one thing that I can’t live without in my handbag, is sadly by FiloFax (retro I know). It knows more about my life than I do, and their new Woodland collection really adds a sense of whimsy :)

  • Comment by Georgia Stone

    Lip balm!

  • Comment by Angie P

    Everyone will probably say their phone first and that’s true but during the unusually hot summer we’ve had I go a bit loopy if I find I’ve left my treasured silk fan at home. It was only a few quid but it’s been a lifesaver on public transport :)

  • Comment by Rebecca Shaw

    My nice pen!! Because you never know who you might meet for a signature!

  • Comment by Lisa

    The one thing that’s always in my bag is my camera.

  • Comment by Amanda Sheridan

    My purse as it has a very special card in it, that I was given on the passing of my father. It helps me to feel like I have my dad with me at all times x

  • Comment by Stephanie

    My Burt’s Bees cuticle balm for a little pampering on the commuter train

  • Comment by Lizzie Triglia

    My handbag essential is my lipbalm, I don’t feel comfortable if i’m not wearing it and it makes a difference to my whole day.

  • Comment by Jan Leivers

    My iPhone because of the wonderful pictures it holds of my grandchildren that I can take out of my bag and boast with my friends, and a push of a button I can FaceTime with my grandchildren and keep in touch even though they are sometimes not close at hand.

  • Comment by Britt

    My iPhone. I use the NotOnTheHighStreet app to keep track of friends’ birthdays and other occasions and I have plenty of time during my train commute to find them a nice gift!

  • Comment by Olivia Fisher

    My Swiss Army Knife! (Also agree with the FiloFax answer.)

  • Comment by Miriam

    A pen, because you always need one when you don’t have one, and a pack of tissues, which is always practical!

  • Comment by Fiona Strachan

    Has to be my phone, but not just because it’s my phone, but because it’s my diary, my shopping list, my camera and my newspaper!

  • Comment by Emma

    Mini London A to Z: so I can take a detour and see some interesting things whenever I have a moment.

  • Comment by Laura

    My essential is my purse

  • Comment by Fiona Smith

    My handbag essential is my little calendar. I’d forget what I needed to do that day immediately after leaving the house if I didn’t have it!

  • Comment by Sam

    I can’t do without soft tissues in my bag.

  • Comment by Alison D

    My most treasured handbag essential is the ‘lucky stone’ that my son gave me when he was at nursery. It’s lovely and smooth because he used to rub it in his hand a lot. Every time I open the pocket in my bag and see the stone it makes me smile – I can still see his earnest face when he gave it to me, telling me how special it was. If I need to think about something, I sometimes find myself rolling it in my hand. Couldn’t be without it :)

  • Comment by Suzanne

    It used to be red lipstick, but these days it’s a teether : )

  • Comment by Becky

    My credit card, be because with that I can
    Get anything else I need. One of life’s little essentials
    Methinks. A bigger limit would’ve grand though!

  • Comment by Gaia Riva

    The handbag essential for me is my Moleskine diary. There is just something different about writing down to-dos and appointments on paper instead of on a screen. And no battery problems =)

  • Comment by Kirstin Burnet

    One cannot live without a nail file / nail buffer for all of those journeys spent on the train visiting friends and family!

  • Comment by Lauren Haynes

    My handbag essential is Bag attachment keyring so my keys don’t get lost in my bag :)

  • Comment by Lisa Rogers

    Nail file, you never know when you might need one!

  • Comment by Caroline Baillie

    My pretty blue and white stripy umbrella. It keeps me dry when those unexpected showers happen!

  • Comment by Eileen Graham

    My lovely face toner mini sprtiz spray – smells divine , refreshing and gives an instant boost – fits perfectly in any handbag and I take it everywhere with me .

  • Comment by Holly frith

    The one thing that everyone forgets when they need it most but hates carting it around Is the umbrella which is my essential itea in my bag.

  • Comment by Katharine Power

    My handbag essential is a mollusc shell given to me by my know husband on our very first date, a picnic on Snettisham Beach in Norfolk. Every time I see it, it reminds me how lucky I am to have him in my life and to be sharing a world with him.

  • Comment by Viv

    My phone!

  • Comment by Erica

    I recently went out without a bag on a night out and realised it was the bag itself that I missed!

  • Comment by Caroline Yates

    My handbag essential is my cocoa butter lip balm, couldn’t live without it!

  • Comment by Michelle

    my most treasured handbag essential is one of my lovely Dads (who has passed away) old cotton handkercheifs everytime i open my bag it makes me smile and its there for when i laugh, cry, or just need alittle inner strength.:)

  • Comment by Laura Batten

    I always carry plasters – for cuts, blisters or taping things together in an emergency! But these days half of them have to be Peppa Pig plasters for a very particular little boy… :-)

  • Comment by Paola

    My little treasure is my make up bag, always I bring with me anywhere , if I don’t go with it I feel weird :s
    sometimes i even use it but just to think is with me, make feel good! :)

  • Comment by Mrs G

    My handbag essential is rich hand cream, particularly in the winter months.

  • Comment by Becky

    I would have to say my phone, as it has my calendar so I know where I have to be, pictures of my beautiful family sp when work gets stressful I can see pics and relax, I have Internet so I can get on your website ( my guilty pleasure) and it is my contact with family when away from home :-)

  • Comment by Keri

    My keys with my personalised keyring (bought from NOTHS) with my husband’s name, my name and the date of our wedding day – it’s very special to me and always reminds me of our incredible day and all the adventures we have to look forward to :o)

  • Comment by Joanne Hornsey

    My handbag has turned into my baby bag since having my baby 9 months ago although i will return to work soon but i think i will still keep my new essential in my bag – baby wipes. They’re very handy.

  • Comment by Katherine Ellis

    Blister plasters, because my obsession with shoes comes at a price! (Sore feet!!).
    Roll on the snowy months so I can pop my feet into furry-lined winter boots :o)

  • Comment by Tammie

    My vanilla lip balm. Yummy and calms me down.

  • Comment by Fiona

    My handbag essential has to be my little Cath Kidston diary – it has all my dates with the girls, nights I’m seeing shows and birthdays of my lovely friends. It’s the thing that keeps me smiling when it’s a rainy, cold day!

  • Comment by Nikki

    With the recent arrival of baby Max I don’t have a current handbag, just a practical change bag, so my bag essential has to be a good stash of muslin clothes ;-).

  • Comment by Philippa Milton

    A little umbrella.

  • Comment by Alison

    It has to be my folding hair brush with mirror – its great to spruce up and feel better during the day. the mirror is great too to ensure i’m always ready for anything!

  • Comment by Jane Short

    A friend bought me a handbag organiser that I just lift out and transfer each time I swap bags fantastic idea and keeps me organised – it could do with being slightly bigger though

  • Comment by Suhir

    Well, although London born & bred, I currently am living in an extremely hot country where we get sun almost every day of the year so the one thing I cant leave the house without are my sunglasses – Favourite pair this Summer are my Retro Super Futures. They’re way too cool for school ! :)

  • Comment by Claire

    I’d say purse but mostly because of all the mementoes that are in there… You never know when I’ll need a free pass for mini-golf or a dinosaur pressed penny from Wookey Hole!

  • Comment by Alison Hall

    My handbag essential is definitely my credit card for impromptu online shopping!

  • Comment by Martyna

    I can’t leave the house without a Spanish fan. Living inLondon and using the tube as my main form of transportation it means i always stay cool and refreshed!

  • Comment by lucy

    a little card from my mum telling me how much she loves me! soppy but true!

  • Comment by Jaynealicia

    I have a small orange see-through zip bag, no bigger than a make up bag, in which I keep all those really small essentials that normally graviate to the centre of the earth. It contains the sort of items that become impossible to find, especially in a hurry, and make changing handbags a real chore.

    The magic orange bag moves handbags in seconds and contains various pain killers, plaster, nail file, rescue remedy, lip balm, comb, hand gel, tissues, mini scissors, ear plugs, mirror, comb, ipod and business card holder. Unfortunately no room for the mini operating theatre or full business centre!

  • Comment by Lorraine Scott

    A silver heart engraved with ‘I love you ‘ from my sons

  • Comment by Catherine

    My lip balm is my handbag essential – I changed bags the other day,forgot to put it in,& ended up with dry lips & cursing!

  • Comment by Kate Boyce

    Can’t leave home with out baby wipes with two kids under 5 they are an essential!

  • Comment by Ruth Bennett

    My little essential has to be my keys as can’t get in without them!

  • Comment by Lou-lou

    A photo of my fiancé! Sounds a bit soppy but it goes with me everywhere & reminds me how lucky I am. If I’m ever feeling low I just take a peek at it & I feel instantly better.

  • Comment by Sue Mackie

    My mirror compact with tweezers inside

  • Comment by Sue Rockall

    A tiny purse on my keyring. In it I keep emergency cash (for bus fares etc) and my husband’s mobile phone number (in case I forget my phone, as I can never remember it!!).

  • Comment by Sophie Cooper

    My Rescue Remedy most definitely!

  • Comment by Claire Favier-Tilston

    Not glam in any way but baby wipes! Amazing and endless uses, removing make up, hand wipes, spills, make do tissues, even dealing with glass paint spills. I always seem to be doling them out to others too. That and my phone of course!

  • Comment by Joanne

    My kindle for those commuter days!

  • Comment by Kelly Ebdon

    It’s so hard to think if just one item as everything in my handbag is essential to me, otherwise it wouldn’t be in there! Therefore in going to choose my handbag itself, I would be lost without it as it holds all of my important items which I just couldn’t function without x

  • Comment by Jennifer

    I cannot leave the house without a handbag sized hot chilli sauce!

  • Comment by Sarah

    My handbag essential has to be my sunglasses, I am always hopeful for the sun to shine!

  • Comment by Rachel C

    My toothbrush! Nothing worse than having banana coffee furry teeth. Banana and coffee, not banana flavoured coffee. That would be just weird.

  • Comment by Joanne How

    Tough call between my neutrogena hand cream (it gets used all day every day) and my asthma inhalers (not used much but when I need them I REALLY need them)!

    It used to be a teaspoon because the ones at my work were revolting! Thankfully I’ve moved on to somewhere where cutlery is actually clean! :

  • Comment by Rachel Ingham

    Some luscious lip gloss!

  • Comment by Mandy Shrimpton

    My favourite lipstick

  • Comment by Abigail George

    Cherry lip salve, doubles as emergency hand cream!

  • Comment by Alison Russell

    2 packs of pocket tissues. 1 for me and 1 to give away when friends (or strangers!) need them.

  • Comment by pamb

    My keys. I sometimes feel like a jailer I seem to have so many keys for work and home. One day I will enough time to go through them all and throw away the ones I no longer need. Thanks

  • Comment by Georgina Corry

    My black umbrella with paw prints on it.

  • Comment by Tash Isted

    I don’t like to go anywhere without my Kindle in my handbag – that way I can shut off the outside world & lose myself in the world of whichever book I am reading, even if only for the train journey home (most likely Little Women or Harry Potter!).

  • Comment by amanda

    it is not one thing; it is the totality. My husband asks why I have to carry all that stuff around but my one essential is actually my handbag itself. It is the tissue-keys-notebook-pen-diary-phone-waterbottle-sewingkit-brush-mirror-norwegian-formula-hand-balm-swiss-army-pocket-knife that makes me the competent, confident and independent mother-wife-woman that I aim to be. Take away any one part of that and I am less prepared for whatever life-husband-child has to throw at me.

  • Comment by Fran Weeks

    A notebook and pen – you never know when inspiration will come to you and you just have to scribble it down! Of course there are many less romantic instances when it comes in handy when I’m out and about too – taking notes when on the phone, leaving a note for someone, making lists and lots more!

  • Comment by Sara Gee

    My asthma inhaler! I have an inhaler in every bag as I never know when I’ll need a puff on it!!

  • Comment by Katie

    My Muji pen! It makes all writing look beautiful and inspires me to journal.

  • Comment by Helen

    Lip balm, tissues and wipes – essential with 2 toddlers!

  • Comment by Leanne Chambers

    My keys! Getting back in the house at the end of the day proves difficult without them!!! :)

  • Comment by Claire Gaughran

    It would have to be my phone, it’s my right hand! But on a night out, it would be my lip gloss :)

  • Comment by claire marie woodward

    My purse! £££

  • Comment by Grainne Brinkley

    Handbag essential is my handbag-sized umbrella. Irish weather means ill always need it. ALWAYS.

  • Comment by Naomi

    A book for otherwise boring bus journeys

  • Comment by Eleanor Prigmore

    My eos lip balm because it’s so easy to find in my bag

  • Comment by Rachel Dilley

    My diary, without it I am lost! I really look forward to buying my next diary and spend ages choosing it as I use it so much!

  • Comment by Laura Mason

    Filofax…since I got it earlier this year, it’s been a godsend. Give me paper and pen over a phone any day!

  • Comment by Laura Robinson

    My tape measure with a picture of a sheep on it! I used it to measure decorations for my wedding when I was out and about, now I use it to measure fabric and furniture for our new house!

  • Comment by Natalie Maxim

    SOS Mini bag. Have been caught out so many times I now keep a little makeup bag with hairband, safety pin, hand gel, nail file and plasters! Boring I know but its saved many a person’s blushes! Weirdly I did this even before I had a child!

  • Comment by Claire Fishburn

    My iPhone – it’s my life! x

  • Comment by Rhona G

    Sad but true, it’s probably a pack of baby wipes at the moment. Essential for coping with a grubby toddler!

  • Comment by Marianne McPhee

    I work in the digital world, but I can’t live without my mini red Moleskine diary! Have tried converting to phone diaries, but just love real paper sometimes!

  • Comment by Emma McLaughlin

    A notebook and pen for writing down / drawing ideas.

  • Comment by Samantha Todd

    A note pad for my endless list of things to remember and do!

  • Comment by andrea h

    It has to be my purse with a photo of my beautiful boys in. So I can have a quick look when work is tough x

  • Comment by Harriet

    Sunglasses and Umbrella, because in the UK you never know which you might need next!

  • Comment by Phoebe

    My most treasured handbag possession is the compact mirror that was originally my great grandmothers. It has been passed down through the generations and I love it, even though it gives me a rather blotchy yellow face!

  • Comment by angela carter

    My keyring with a ‘special auntie’ bear my lovely niece bought me

  • Comment by marti

    Oh its GOT to be my Nars lipgloss !! You can be having a bad day look terrible and then whip on your sunnies, a slick of gloss and BAM victoria beckham! ok well maybe not victoria beckham…. maybe someone a little less gorgeous but still, lets just say the lipgloss helps!

  • Comment by Hanne

    I agree with Amanda – its the totality of my handbag: Purse, mobile, pen, lip balm(s), keys, tissues, driving gloves….My shoulders ache from the weightof my handbag. If i had to choose? My purse!

  • Comment by Sarah Bradford

    It’s got to be my I-phone!

  • Comment by Cdarke


  • Comment by Louise

    What an amazing prize! Please let it be me!

    I can’t go out without a little pot of Vaseline and my phone!

  • Comment by Sarah

    A selection of snacks for my little ones – trying to guess what they’ll fancy, and remembering to clear out rejected ones from time to time… (mmm squashed raisins…)

  • Comment by Charlotte Nicholson

    An engraved compact mirror, given to me by my best friend as a thank you for being her bridesmaid

  • Comment by Pauline Todd

    Photo of my gorgeous boys :-)

  • Comment by Joanna

    Without a doubt its my Filofax. Working full-time and having 2 little boys with just as much of a busy social life as myself, it really is my life saver. Be lost without it. Staying organised is key :)

  • Comment by Lorraine Pigott

    The address book that my Auntie gave me, I keep all my bits of useful info in there x

  • Comment by Rachael winter

    I would like to say something original or fabulous but the reality is that for the past 3.5 years my handbag essential has been napped and wipes for my daughter and now my son. Hopefully in the not too distant future my handbag will be for me again but for now its nappies, wipes, antiseptic gel, snacks and drinks and anything else a little one might need!

  • Comment by Lucy

    My notebook, whenever I see something that gives me an idea or inspiration I have to write or draw it. I keep lists of to do’s, little cafes I think, I definitely have to go back and try that that shop name with the perfect present for a friend for their birthday.

  • Comment by Kristy

    My essential handbag item is a charger, my iphone has the worst battery life so I’m always finding a plug socket to recharge it!

  • Comment by Jo

    My Oyster card – I literally can’t go anywhere without it!

  • Comment by Christina Kennedy

    My lip balm – especially in Winter.

  • Comment by Emma Marsh

    It has got to be my mini stress ball! Not only good for relieving that bit of frustration but also a great boredom buster to throw about with friends :D

  • Comment by Jacqueline Walsh

    The one single item in my bag that I never go anywhere without is my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream lip balm, I have it with me everyday and nights out beats lippy every time

  • Comment by Jane

    Painkillers for my back, couldn’t get through a working day without them!

  • Comment by vicki rollison

    My tweezers as I am a really hairy person

  • Comment by Sarah Wilson

    My little umbrella for fending off showers and saving the world from seeing my moisture infused afro!

  • Comment by Toni Mackay

    My insulin, I literally can’t live without it! Other than essentials of the lifesaving kind, my kindle, you never know when you’ll get stuck somewhere!

  • Comment by Cas

    What *isn’t* in my handbag might be easier to answer… It is cheating to say my wallet? Because that holds bank cards, cash, bus pass, spare eyeliner, nail file, my phone, and has the house keys attached.

    Minimal isn’t my style :S

  • Comment by NATASHA EMILY

    Tampax. I’m usually a bit too prudish to write an answer like this, but I when I thought about it properly this is the one thing that I never want to be caught without! This is closely followed by my purse (but whereas money is not a necessity everywhere I take my bag… an emergency can happen anywhere!).

  • Comment by Samantha

    Never leave home without my phone, a book or a pen. My bag is a mini tardis, I pack alot!!

  • Comment by Ruth

    ‘essentials’ are purse, keys & phone but they aren’t really ‘treasured’ so I’ll say my Minnie Mouse keyring which my boyfriend bought for me, he has one of Mickey Mouse & they are each holding half a heart which then join together with a magnet ! Cheesy but cute !

  • Comment by Lisa

    My most treasured item in my handbag is my notebook and pen. The forst couple of pages are filled with photos of my friends and family. It serves as a reminder of the things I love whenever I am away from home.

  • Comment by Clare Cooper

    Oddly, it’s another bag! I always carry a fold up shopper in my hand bag- you never know when I might need to make an emergency purchase :-)

  • Comment by Laura

    The one thing I could not live without in my handbag is my glorious diary! Not only is very cute and flowery but it helps me to remember everyone’s birthdays, my plans for the weekend as I am so forgetful but its also my to do list – whether that is pick up some milk or conquer the world I will only do it if its on my list! I would be lost without it! <3

  • Comment by claire

    A pretty notebook to jot down my ideas and lists as I travel around.

  • Comment by Anne-Marie Chapman

    Colouring pencils and raisins (usually loose all over the bottom but ideally in a box) – essential mummy handbag kit …

  • Comment by Gail Anderson

    I would have to say my make up bag that contains everything from make up to tampons, to hand gel, to wipes and lastly paracetamol. All the things that are totally essential, very Mary Poppins.

  • Comment by Kat

    My personal alarm – Helps me feel safe walking the mean streets of London and is small enough to attach to my keys. Every girl should have one :)

  • Comment by Beth Lunt

    My inhaler – boring but essential!

  • Comment by Emma

    Aside from my phone which is a must the next thing would have to be lip balm! But that said I normally have a fair bit in my bag I like to be prepared! X

  • Comment by Emma

    I have rescue remedy in my handbag for meeting parents along with pens, note pad and my teachers work badge because I still love the fact I’m a teacher!

  • Comment by Rachael

    My handbag essential is probably wet wipes – typical mummy answer! After that it would be my purse. All very practical, I know.

  • Comment by HelenH

    My water bottle, I don’t think I could get through the day without it!

  • Comment by Aimee

    A pen, for scribbling down all my to-dos, in a desperate attempt to keep myself organised! That and I can’t work the note function on my phone….

  • Comment by Samantha Ellis

    Lip balm!

  • Comment by Gina Allen

    Soap and Glory sexy mother pucker lip gloss

  • Comment by Laura

    My 2 epi-pens! They contain epinephrine should I go into anaphylactic shock so are quite literally something I cannot live without. :-)

  • Comment by Becca


  • Comment by Sarah

    Being a mum on the go, I’m never without a pack of wet wipes… regardless of whether I have the tots with me or not, I just can’t break the habit!

  • Comment by Natalie

    Umbrella! Can never predict the British Weather! :D

  • Comment by Hannah

    My iphone!

  • Comment by Sarah Callaghan

    My kindle and my pictures !

  • Comment by emma nixon

    I can’t go anywhere without baby wipes! (and the messy but cute monster who goes with them) They have so many uses that it’s impossible to leave them behind.

  • Comment by Jo

    Baby wipes. I read some of the above and felt a bit of envy and a bit of shame that my essential is not a bit more glamorous…but then you can’t clean your kids, wipe up spillages, avert a coffee-on-silk disaster (I could go on) with a Hermes scarf! Baby wipes – the answer to (almost) everything! :-)

  • Comment by Lauren

    A few years ago I might have said that my handbag essential was a lip balm or mirror… these days it’s got to be a packet of baby wipes to clean the gorgeous grubby face of my two-year-old son every five minutes! Who needs soft lips anyway?! ;)

  • Comment by Laura Rudd

    I couldn’t live without my passport sized pics of my husband and myself when we just got together (12 years ago!) and my two baby boys. I always need them because no matter how awful a day, I can pull out those pics and have the strength to face anything head on – they also make me smile :D

  • Comment by Fiona

    Can’t live without lip balm and one that smells lovely is always a bonus :)

  • Comment by Lindsay Webber

    My Keys!

  • Comment by Amy Daynes

    My iPad as I’m a shopaholic and trying to get organised for Christmas x

  • Comment by Vanessa

    My Moleskine agenda … can’t leave the house without it!

  • Comment by Katie

    A pencil case containing lots of felt tips. Because my hand bag is not my hand bag. It belongs to my children, as does everything else… :)

  • Comment by Katie Matthews

    My handbag essential is needle and cotton. For those instant repairs. I also like to keep a tape measure in case I find any treasure in junk shops. Always on the hunt for quirky furniture. X

  • Comment by Jen

    Most definitely my lip balm and a packet of tissues!

  • Comment by Donna Jones

    I never Leave home without my Vaseline In a little tin. It Doubles up for so many things, Lip balm, A small amount for hand cream, and for any dry skin. Its an all round winner in my book. You don’t need to spend a great deal of money on fancy creams. Even around the nose if you have a bad cold. Hurrah to Vaseline my all rounder.

  • Comment by Nicola hall

    Definitely my lip balm and hand cream I’m
    A children’s nurse in intensive care and the dreaded air con does nothing for your hands or lips!! So dry! Couldn’t live without them!

  • Comment by Carol Conway

    I can’t live without my HANDBAG ORGANISER in my bag!! I would literally be lost without it!! ;D

  • Comment by Jo Payne

    In my bag, you will always find my Vanilla Body Spray!!!

  • Comment by Julie C

    Lypsyl definitely!!

  • Comment by Gail

    My compact mirror – handy for quick checks on lipgloss, smudged eyeliner/mascara. Mirror, signal & ready for a maneouver!!

  • Comment by Monica Mendes

    A mini travel sized perfume ;)

  • Comment by Louise Peasley

    Before children it would have been a lovely expensive lip gloss……… Now a bumper packet of baby wipes!
    Wouldn’t change it for anything! ;)

  • Comment by Sara

    My Lucas Paw Paw cream from home (New Zealand). The best thing for pretty much anything from dry lips to mosquito bites. Never go anywhere without it!

  • Comment by Vee

    Tissues! Boring answer but I always have a runny nose and can not leave the house without tissues!

  • Comment by Toni

    my keys

  • Comment by Leora Forrester

    Can’t do without my diary and pen.

  • Comment by Nicola

    My handbag is huge and I carry so much but I always find it essential to carry a notepad and a pen. You never know when you might need to make a list, jot down a number or write some inspirational words down.

  • Comment by Pav

    Where would I go without a pen in my handbag?! Never know if I get caught to scratch a line off my to-do list, write something memorable, lend it to somebody in need or… just doodle!

  • Comment by Sharon Munsey

    Actually its my butter soft purple old leather handbag I love and keep close to me. Bought for me by my lovely husband in Florence for our wedding anniversary its an old bag now, more than a bit battered, really quite faded and with marks, scuffs and scratches but I cant bear to let it go. Its baggy and saggy (rather like me and my husband!) :o)

  • Comment by Frankie Toms

    I cannot live without my pencil case of essentials – painkillers, hair bobbles, lip balm, mirror, nail clippers and file, tiny tube of Cath Kidston moisturiser and emergency steroid cream all packed into one small neat place! I may carry lots but its all carefully organised!

  • Comment by Jennifer

    A card carrier (I hoard reward cards), lip balm and a little pot of bubbles to entertain and distract my daughter in the supermarket.

  • Comment by Aleksandra

    A small notebook for all must-not-forgets and (sadly) mainly, oh-my-god-I-forgot-about-thats. Also useful for writing a food shopping list I make on the metro, and then never look at it at the shop and forget half the things.

  • Comment by Emma

    Baby wipes!! Don’t ever leave home without them for the little ones but handy for make up and everything x

  • Comment by Vicky Butterworth

    Being a busy mum I am never without a pack of tissues.

  • Comment by Hope Elizabeth

    My handbag essential is my Rescue Remedy spray, it’s kept me calm in some crazy situations, got my through my driving test, all my exams and several busy Brownie meetings!

  • Comment by Anna

    It would have to be the keys to my old school mini. They take me to all the amazing people in my world, not to mention the happy events and places. When feeling blue they allow me to escape with a carefree drive along the coast where I live. And lastly they bring endless smiles from young and old as I drive by… :-)

  • Comment by Melanie McDowall

    My phone, it is my diary, contact with the world and those I love but also for capturing those special moments of my wee family.

  • Comment by Ebony

    I couldn’t live without hand sanitiser or a couple of nappies and wipes in my handbag. It is soooo handy when I forget the nappy bag or don’t have enough room for it. Also, hand sanitiser is just amazing!

  • Comment by Laura

    My handbag essential would be my purse!

  • Comment by Kelly Roberts

    Not the most glamorous, but as a mother to two little ones, I can’t be without wet wipes in my handbag! :)

  • Comment by hettie

    As a new mummy no trip out would be fun, quiet or even happen without my babies rabbit! Smiles all around when he hops out of my handbag x

  • Comment by Zoe

    I have a little portable hook to hang my handbag from a table. I love it, ever since loosing (stolen) a treasured bag and all its contence.,

  • Comment by Kelly Johnson

    My essential handbag item is my antibacterial hand gel. It’s certainly rid my hands of a few nasties!!

  • Comment by Kat McCooey-Heap

    My most treasured handbag essential is an emery board. Not very glam but the simple things are often the most effective!

  • Comment by Janine

    My essential handbag item-my makeup purse.
    My makeup bag contains pocket mirror, emergency plasters, mini nail file, panadol, loose powder and lippy.

  • Comment by Rachel

    hmmm that would have to be the little fold up extra bag I keep in there that is extra useful for a bit of shopping, a magazine, lunch on the move, extra papers child detrious or hubby detrious – lol

  • Comment by Claire Hennesy

    Hand gel, to keep germs at bay!

  • Comment by Briony jose

    I’m not really sure what i take everywhere with me, my handbag seems to be bottomless!

  • Comment by Katie Agent

    Definitely my phone, I couldn’t live without it!

  • Comment by Jennifer Rowe

    I think my my most treasured handbag possession is my phone. Whilst it’s not good to be so tied to a smartphone, it really does have my entire life in it in one sense or another! And what is especially precious us it contains pictures of my cats (yes I’m a crazy cat lady!) and also my two beloved nephews. I sometimes struggle with being out and about so being able to flick through my photos and see my fluffballs and the boys really helps me.

  • Comment by Louise

    My handbag essential would be lip balm.

  • Comment by rossie

    it is most probably wet wipes! love to say something fun but with a 10 month old and a three year old they are a must!!

  • Comment by Sharon

    For me it would be phone and lip balm – can’t pick just one sorry!! But an absolute essential is a supply of little snacks for my daughter who it would seem is always hungry and mummy’s bag is her go to place for a wee treat!!

  • Comment by Alexis

    My handbag essential would definatly be my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream I little tube so many uses!

  • Comment by Stacey

    A pen. Sounds insignificant but how many times have you needed a pen and can’t find one? Even in the house I always know I can find a pen in my handbag.

  • Comment by Amanda

    My Propranolol medication, I’m recovering from PTSD and these have literately been my life saver, keeping paralysing panic attacks at bay and allowing me to enjoy life again!

  • Comment by Jessica

    A paper fan. You never know how hot the tube could get!

  • Comment by Jules

    Our little boy thinks mummy’s bag is a magic bag because it’s always full of exciting things. Gone are the days of lipstick & perfume. Now the essential items are baby wipes, snack treats and a mini Buzz Lightyear toy. And i wouldn’t have it any other way :-)

  • Comment by Charlie

    My wonderful moleskin diary and notebook – I would be lost (literally!) without it , as wouldn’t know where to be or go :-)

  • Comment by Andrea

    My diary, it helps me remember special birthdays and anniversaries, reminds me of appointments and generally keep my life in order!

  • Comment by Yasmine

    Definitely my lip balm-you always have to have fabulous, healthy looking lips and even better with a pink sheen caring lip balm

  • Comment by Susan shippey

    My trusty pot of vaseline ! Favourite “flavour” is currently rosy lips .

  • Comment by Kristine

    A picture of my 5 yr old Sam ❤

  • Comment by Louise Cowsill

    Hmm can’t narrow it down to one. Purse, lip balm and pens are always essentials. Although I’ve just looked in my bag and with the amount of pens in there I could actually open up a shop!!

  • Comment by Silvia

    Just one?? Buuuffff let me think….oh yeah!! What about my house keys??!! Essencial if i want to go back home.. ;)

  • Comment by alison

    at the moment as i have a very young child i carry a nappy and a packet of wipes for those oopsie moments!! but my ultimate handbag essential is my car keys because without them, i would not get anywhere as live in a remote rural area and not on a bus route!!!

  • Comment by Katie Lew

    The soundtrack to my life on my iTouch. A song for every person I love or have ever loved, a tune for every mood and a veritable pocket rocket full of melodies to remind me of good (and sometimes sad) times. It’s served as a tiny friend to cheer me and others and has played live at some of the best parties.

  • Comment by Vibeke Harrison

    My essential handbag item is my eclectic collection of Disney Cars which quite literally save lives when I’m out and about with my car-crazy 3yr old!

  • Comment by Sarah Holmes

    Would have to be lipstick – my face needs it to look awake! ( but a latte also helps!)

  • Comment by Gemma Boucher

    My fan nail file / buffer keyring. This was one of those cheap little things I picked up and now can’t live without. It folds out like a fan with different grade of nail buffer on each leaf. Then you can fold it back up again so it doesn’t scuff other things in your bag. Genius !!!

  • Comment by Michelle

    My Filofax! It plans my life!!!

  • Comment by Jackie

    My lovely glass nail file. Brilliant!

  • Comment by becky collis

    As i have used a changing bag for the last 2 years it would be nappys! can’t wait until my little girl is potty trained!

  • Comment by Angie Bee

    I take my Epi-Pen with me, because I have a serious nut allergy! (So it has to come everwhere, JUST IN CASE!)

    I also take my juicy tubes lipgloss in watermelon. Tastes yummy, looks yummy. Win win.

  • Comment by Rusty

    Has to be hand cream- I never feel a need for it at home but the moment I sit down on the ferry to work I fill a desperate need! I like the Liz Earle mini tubes.

  • Comment by Erin Beck

    The one thing I always carry in my handbag is a little brass pig! I’ve always called it ‘my lucky pig’ I’m not sure if it is, but it lives inside the small zip compartment of every handbag I’ve owned for the last 10 years or so :-)

  • Comment by Jordan

    it’s a tie between my iphone and my hand cream:)

  • Comment by Gill bavington

    My camera, everyday I see something to inspire me x

  • Comment by Zoe

    …a tiny portable UVA umbrella, never with out it!

  • Comment by Lisa

    Pictures of my sons because I love them x

  • Comment by Jenny

    Tissues, tissues, tissues for that inevitable runny, sniffley nose!

  • Comment by Maggy

    That would be everything but the kitchen sink then…. At least that’s what my husband tells me!

  • Comment by Shonagh

    My diary, it has all my reminders, pockets for paper,receipts and pens and just general life stuff! I’m a total organisation fanatic so it keeps me sane!

  • Comment by Geraldine

    my lip balm.

  • Comment by Zoe Rampley

    Has to be the baby wipes! They literally remove anything – I take them with me even when the children are staying at home!

  • Comment by Nicola

    Mini make up bag is always with me, especially as I often do my make up on the bus or in the car now that I have small children (and a lot less spare time…!)

  • Comment by Crystal

    My iPhone!

  • Comment by Sophie

    Must have essential’s Nappies and baby wipes taking up the majority of space. Toys for amusement. Keys for home/car (all else fails amusement toy)Phone in case I’m desperate. You can see where I’m going with this. I’d like to win this bag and just call it mine with my essentials:))))

  • Comment by Sabina

    My hair brush/mirror compact. I always need to brush my hair as it gets very knotty and it’s a great space saver, making room for more ‘necessities’ such as my eos organic lip balm, sunglasses and cash.

  • Comment by Joanne Goulbourne

    Always carry baby powder, helps keep my feet feeling lovely and silky and definitely not stinky! :o)

  • Comment by Emma

    my oyster card..if all fails at least i can get home!

  • Comment by Gaynor Roberts

    Arnica balls! Homeopathic treatment that stops bruises before they even appear – essential for a busy mum with accident prone children! X

  • Comment by monika

    My headphones:-) beeing mum of 2 under 5 kids its hard so every free minute i got i like to forget about everything and listen to my music.and cause i keep forgettin them all the time i got now 20 pa irs headphones at home and still buying more ( just the cheap one :-) )

  • Comment by Janie

    My notebook. I always jot down thoughts, ideas, quotes, funny conversations I overhear, …anything anywhere.

  • Comment by Siobhan

    Wipes! Whatever the situation, wipes is the answer! Especially with two tiny people in tow ;-)

  • Comment by Leila

    I usually always attach a floaty silk scarf, or fancy colourful fabric to my handbags to help co-ordinate an outfit, or bring a hint of glamour. It makes me feel sophisticated and feminine, sending my imagination to the south of France for some Bardot chic and style.

  • Comment by Tricia White

    My handbag essential is my GTN spray closely followed by my lippie :)

  • Comment by Lorelei

    Minty gum so my breath is always fresh!

  • Comment by Lindsey Muse

    My handbag essential is my handcream!

  • Comment by Rebecca Mills

    My keys!

  • Comment by Sam turner

    My notebook and pen. Have some many ideas when out or shopping needs. Need to remember so much it is a total must have for me!!

  • Comment by Janette

    My notebook is my essential item. I note my thoughts, my ideas, my hopes, my fears, my chores, important days off work, special events, gifts ideas, craft ideas. I fill it with every day to day thoughts and photos. Each year s get a new 1 and file away in my keepsake box the old one so that my children can look back and truly understand what makes me tick. X

  • Comment by Jo Perrins

    Polos – never know when you might need to freshen up for a quick kiss!

  • Comment by Charlotte N

    That’s a hard call between tissues and lip balm.

  • Comment by Lucy proctor

    Wet wipes!

  • Comment by Caroline

    My handbag essential is my phone. Everything is on it!

  • Comment by Maddie

    I always have sweets in my purse in case I get hungry :)

  • Comment by Olivia

    Mobile Phone. Why do i feel like my arm has been chopped off if i cant check twitter, instagram, and the net every 2 mins? How did i ever manage before?

  • Comment by Gail Bennett

    I always had my crochet Cup Cosy in my bag to prevent my fingers getting burnt from a paper “cuppa on the go”. Until I sold it along with twenty five others at Relay for Life in aid of Cancer Research. An apple cosy is in there too to stop my apples from getting bruised!

  • Comment by Hayley

    My phone! It holds everything I’d be lost without it. I don’t even remember how I managed without it now!!

  • Comment by Sarah Truman

    Lip Balm!!!

  • Comment by Hayley

    My phone! It’s literally my life as it holds everything; my calendar, meeting notes, photos, emails…..I’d be lost without it!!

  • Comment by Pip

    my mini multitool- used more than any other item

  • Comment by Nika Martinez

    Ipad and my camera. mmm wait.. the keys !!! hahahha.

  • Comment by Mia

    Definitely my phone – I don’t like the thought of not being able to contact people, but it’s also my on the go camera for blogging and is great when I have a thought and need to write it down in my notes!

  • Comment by Katie Peters

    My oyster card – it is just waiting to be lovingly wrapped in a notonthehighstreet tree card case :)

  • Comment by Kathryn

    I can’t go anywhere without my Carmex lip balm! As soon as I realise it’s missing my lips immediately feel drier!

  • Comment by Sarah

    my pretty floral coin purse for all those odd pennies that otherwise scatter themselves about me and my bag. is also the greatest help for a quick coffee payment when on the go #simplebankstatements #lovemypurse

  • Comment by Kirsten davies

    I have to have all my loyalty cards and vouchers with me as I hate to lose out on a bargain if I happen to take a wrong turn to the shops!

  • Comment by Ruth Baxter

    My notebook, full of lists, sketches and doodles!!

  • Comment by Rhoda K

    My diary – I’d be lost without it.

  • Comment by Rachel Bexon

    My little notebook for my endless lists of ‘to dos’

  • Comment by tara hobbs

    Has to be my phone . If I don’t have it I feel so lost. Xx

  • Comment by Lou Wardle

    My current book incase I find myself with five quiet minutes to spare :0)

  • Comment by Hazel Campbell

    a beautifull pen, and journal

  • Comment by Lindsay Truesdale

    My make up bag goes everywhere with me! Absolute handbag essential x

  • Comment by Hazel Campbell

    Handbag to handbag so i carry all my lovely stuff with me at all times

  • Comment by Emma

    I could not live without my handbag hook! Amazing invention to stop the bottom getting dirty!!

  • Comment by Ali Millard

    My handbag essential is my mobile phone so I can check if any orders have come through :0)

  • Comment by Lisa Hall

    A tiny silver globe that I was sent in a secret post club exchange. It came with a note saying ‘nothing is impossible if you can fit the world in the palm of your hand’ – I love it x

  • Comment by Hele R

    Lipbalm for me and a book for my little boy.

  • Comment by Teresa Day

    Yep it’s got to be my phone, :) these days it’s a link to everything – notepad for ideas, camera for inspirations, Internet to look up anything that interests me along the way and most importantly – the easiest way to contact my all my family and friends :)

  • Comment by Sylvia Evans-Pritchard

    Baby wipes – with a 1 year old in my life there is always something in need of a wipe!

  • Comment by Erica

    Sadly, it’s my iphone – I swore I’d never be reliant on technology but I’m a slave to it now! Close second would be lip balm though.

  • Comment by Janine Knight

    It’s a toss up between a les Floralie sniff box ‘Focus’ or a little bottle of cuticle oil.

    When on the train, a bit bored, it’s the perfect time to ‘focus’ on the task ahead or to condition those cuticles.

    I think, the best, is the cuticle oil :)

  • Comment by Amy Rom

    Ooooh, it’s a toss up between my indispensable iphone and my Clinique Superbalm- the lipbalm of my dreams! I feel totally naked without either of them!!

  • Comment by Debbie

    I can’t go anywhere without my filofax since having my daughter. Without it I would be completely clueless day to day.

  • Comment by Laura Jeffery

    I always carry a mini sewing kit.. for little mishaps! & baby wipes as you never know when you might need them plus I have a little one so you never can be too prepared! xxx

  • Comment by Cristina

    My iPhone – always with me!

  • Comment by Heather Rayner

    I couldn’t do without my handbag size packet of tissues. They are great for so many different uses, both for myself and others.

  • Comment by Katie Rhodes

    My notebook/sketch pad for those random ideas that pop into my head so I won’t forget the goodies I think of to make for Not On The Highstreet!

  • Comment by Louisa

    Perfume: a familiar scent if you find yourself in an unfamiliar place.

  • Comment by Linda

    Easy. A pack of tissues. I don’t go anywhere without them. :)

  • Comment by Chantelle

    For me, it’s my iPhone. It’s not just a phone to me! It’s my calendar. My phone. My music. My favourite magazines. My favourite stores. Favourite pics! And makes me smile and makes me feel like the world is a smaller place!

  • Comment by Hayley

    My front door Keys, so that I can get in at the end of the day !

  • Comment by Lauren Ansell

    I keep Cup A Soup sachets in my bag – very handy for a little pick-me-up wherever I am!

  • Comment by Micky Khan

    I’m a known pouch lady and have about six pouches in my handbag, all with different things in. But my main pouch which I’ll take out on its own when doing the nursery pick-up is the one that fits my keys, Oyster card, tissues, phone, spare little girl hair grips and two tubes of lip gloss – all the essentials :)

  • Comment by Megan Habberfield

    My pocket mirror and mini hair brush – unruly curls need looking after!

  • Comment by Mum in Meltdown

    Lip Balm!!! I cannot do without- I have about 7 or 8 all in different bags/ coats etc so I never get caught short LOL HATE DRY LIPS :)

  • Comment by Mhairi Gillespie

    My handbag essential is my jingly keyring with my house keys on it. One shake of my handbag and I know they’re there. Genius!

  • Comment by Charlotte Perry

    My bank card :)

  • Comment by Sarah

    My handbag essential is a bee finger puppet that my husband bought me when he wasn’t my husband but a boy I kinda thought I could fall for. This is actually my second bee – bee 2 dee 2 – o bee 1 kin o bee flew away one vodka fuelled night and had to be replaced. It was his special trip to get bee 2 dee 2 that made me think that like might be love and I keep a very dirty little bee finger puppet in my handbag to remind me of being young and falling in love and because it makes me smile that amongst all the tissues, lipsticks, bic biros and receipts is something so gloriously and selfishly sentimental.

  • Comment by Donna Smith

    Sudocrem! Emergency spot? Cracked lips? perfect mixed with vaseline! Helps with my dry skon too!

  • Comment by Catherine Stowell

    Mine would be my blood tester and my insulin injection pen. Closely followed by my iPhone, because my life is on it.

  • Comment by Judith chester

    My pen – at least that way I always know where there is one cos there are never any to nd when you need one

  • Comment by Alex Harvey

    A nail file to deal with any emergency snags

  • Comment by Suzi Nicol

    A cotton bag which folds up really small but can carry lots & is so useful when I buy things unexpectedly & don’t want to use a plastic bag!

  • Comment by Susan Todd

    A tin of Vaseline lip balm, I have one in every bag I use. I can’t live without it.

  • Comment by Gemma Brookes

    I always carry around a pretty handbag and in it I always have a cute purse, my phone, my kindle and my lipstick!

  • Comment by Cheryl

    It has to be my iPhone as well, how did we cope before these?!? Couldn’t cope with out my daily pintrest browse!!

  • Comment by Elaine Schreiber

    My umbrella! I take it everywhere, even during our unusually warm summer, weather is just too unpredictable in the UK.

  • Comment by natalie mills

    the one thing in my handbag that i keep in every handbag i have had for the last thirty years is a little letter my daughter wrote me after she had done something naughty i love it its rather tatty but it is an essential for my handbag the other thing is a very tatty looking mirror its one of my nans so is older than the letter x

  • Comment by Samantha

    On my keys I carry in my handbag is a small red/pink ball which symbolises love! I bought it whilst my husband and I were on our honeymoon in Mexico after marrying him this April. An amazing day!

  • Comment by Lucy

    Baby wipes and a bottle of water.

  • Comment by Tanya Sutton

    My handbag essential is a packet of wet wipes, being the mum of a messy 1 year old boy you need them a lot!

  • Comment by Narisa D

    I can not live with out my lip balm and mini and also migraine relief.

  • Comment by Abigail Waters

    My purse, not because it’s full of dosh I’m afraid but because it contains a little notecard that was attached to some roses my husband sent me 12 weeks after we first met. There was a rose for every week we had been together and I’ve carried it around everywhere for almost 7 years now.

  • Comment by little birdy

    The most important things in my handbag are 10 years worth of receipts, numerous broken pens, chocolate wrappers, empty cheque books and a motley array of half melted mints covered in fluff.

  • Comment by Diddy

    My ‘Alphabet Bags’ tote bag. It’s a must, having one of these folded in your handbag when living in Wales as they now charge for using plastic carrier bags. You never know when you’ll stumble across a must-have-purchase. Saves me a few pence every time and means I’m ever so slightly helping to save the environment!

  • Comment by Tina

    …a big bar of posh dark chocolate – there is nothing that two little squares can’t solve. (OMG my bar would taste even more scrumptious out of that fab blue satchel!)

  • Comment by Giulia

    A notebook – perfect for scribbling down any creative inspiration, or simply for jotting down a cute gift or item of clothing!

  • Comment by Chiara

    My camera has to be an essential, because you can capture those spontaneous, funny moments that would otherwise be forgotten!

  • Comment by Philippa Levey

    My treasured can’t-do-without is my key ring, not the tatty old metal ring itself but all the precious attachments hanging from it: a little bear to help me find the keys at the bottom of my bag, a photo of me with my beloved husband and daughter, a knitted heart made by my mother, my Boris bike key, and of course the house keys so if all else fails I can still get in and put the kettle on!

  • Comment by Mandy Fahey

    My antibacterial hand gel, you just never know!

  • Comment by evalena woolvett

    Apart from the obvious ones like phone, keys and wallet, I always carry plasters and antiseptic cream. Have 4 kids that always scrape knees and things.

  • Comment by Janice Nicholls

    My mini pot of Vaseline, Or your lovely pot of Rose hand cream would make a luxury substitute. It works as a moisuriser, especially on windy days,stopping cheeks getting chapped. Also makes a great controls stray eyebrows and fixes eyelashes to look stand out beautiful. It’s Magic if your shoes start to rub,sliding your tight jeans on,stiff zips and gliding long boots over ample carfs and that’s without the useful things it can be used for while out and about,like; great for loosening stiff locks, sliding difficult shapes into shopping bags plus 101 more uses too numerous to mention here. Plus if it smells of rose you get the added feel good sensation only a delicate sent can bring.

  • Comment by Carolyn Moore

    I live in Ireland, so has to be a good, strong brolly. And a pair of sunglasses. And a light scarf. Because you just never know what the weather’s going to do that day.

  • Comment by Irene Button

    My handbag always holds the keys to my home, the place where I feel safe, warm and loved. Yes I know, I’m a very lucky woman :O)


    Something red. So I can always touch it when I see a Royal Mail van (a school playground superstition – that I can not give up!)

  • Comment by Danielle Fleming

    My hand bag essential is my floral print diary – to keep track of holidays, celebrations and design exhibitions!

  • Comment by Emma

    My kindle! I love a cheeky read whenever I can grab a second :)

  • Comment by Amy

    4 x kirby grips and a £1 coin. Can save most situations!

  • Comment by sue jones

    I always carry a tiny jade handled knife given to me by my late mum, I remember she always had it in her handbag wherever she went and was used over and over again in various situations from peeling fruit to dismantling a lock on a toilet door I had managed to lock myself into as a child, it’s very sentimental to me.

  • Comment by Claire

    mascara! shallow but true :-)

  • Comment by Tina

    Lipstick !! :)

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