what is love?

Apart from being a very big question, it’s a topic that’s been written about and pondered by scholars to priests, poets to lovers and ‘ordinary folk’ like you and me, throughout the ages. The magnitude of the question and the fact that many writers and philosophers have devoted their lives trying to provide an answer to it is actually quite ironic, as really, the question remains very much unanswered. The reason for this is that whichever way you view love – as a concept? A feeling? A state of being? It is undoubtedly something very personal.

You may ask why I’m jabbering on about this? Well, I’ll tell you, I was actually inspired by an email I received from one of our sellers, Pocket Typewriter. A couple of months ago they ran a competition with our blog sponsors, Rock my Wedding and asked brides to comment on what they think love is. The coveted prize was 120 of their beautiful Love Tags and there was an abundance of brilliant responses. Pocket Typewriter, kindly informed us of the winning entry and the two runners up, which were too good not to share…

I’m sure the first runner up answer, by Lynsey from Glasgow, is one that many women can associate with, “Love is not asking how much the new shoes cost”. The second runner up, Claire from Surrey, also put forward a great entry, “Love is like a glass door…sometimes you don’t see it, and it smacks you right in your face.”

Finally, (and saving the best to last) the winning gem was a wonderfully witty definition, penned by Vicki from East Sussex, “I think I might be in love…either that or I’m really really hungry”!

Unfortunately there won’t be a prize to win this time, but we’d still love to hear your thoughts on the winning entries and what love is to you?

Featured products/images: Love Tags and ‘What is Love?’ Art.

  • What a lovely post! Thank you for sharing our lovely winners love quotes! We also made a special set of love tags for the runners up and winner with their own quote on!

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