trash or treasure?

I’m not sure about other newly marrieds out there, but I am having a massive dilemma about what to do with my dress now that our wedding day has come and gone.

I have a rational voice in my head saying that, as I spent way more of the wedding budget on my dress than I ever intended, perhaps I should put it up for sale and see if I get any takers. Even if I get back just half of what I paid for it I could buy myself, say, a beautiful handbag or piece of jewellery that I would never be able to afford (or justify) otherwise. That way I would have something that I could get enjoyment from everyday and it would also be a lovely reminder of the day I got to wear that perfect dress.

Selling my dress also means that it gets to live on and help create wonderful memories for another lady who is preparing herself to walk down the aisle. And what could be more lovely than that?

Otherwise all that beautiful lace will just sit in a box in the loft for years; will I really ever take it out and look at it, try it on and sit in the flat having a cup of tea? If I have a daughter, will she really want to wear her Mum’s old dress?

The dilemma is that I have a second voice that says: Yes. Yes, I do want to have the option to put the most special dress I ever wore back on and feel all sentimental should the mood take me. I do want to be able to get it out to show my children and talk wistfully of the day I married their Father.

You see? I really can’t decide!

There are a few other options, like having a ‘rock the dress’ or ‘trash the dress’ photo shoot. Our photographer, Amy Murrell has mentioned a rock the dress shoot, where we would go to Brighton and I’d get to wear my dress again and prance around on the pier and beach for some fun photos.

Trash the dress lets you wear your wedding dress again and basically go a bit crazy doing things like getting in a lake or throwing around paint! You can get some very cool photos from it but it’s definitely a trend I won’t be following, I don’t think I could bear it!

In writing this, I don’t think I have got any closer to making a decision, in fact it’s just reminded me of all the reasons for and against selling or keeping!

Has anyone sold their dress and regretted it? Or do you plan to pop it back on occasionally and revel in the memories? Let me know in the comments box!

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  • I hired mine so thankfully didn’t have the dilemma. Do I regret it – not one bit. I don’t have a dress taking up space in the wardrobe (I never would have sold it) and, although I didn’t know it at the time, I’ve given birth to two boys ;-)

  • I’m not one of life’s hoarders, but in this case I would say don’t trash it & don’t give it away unless you have to. I have friends who have worn their mother’s wedding dresses, it’s a really lovely thing to have and fashions come around again! I do love the idea of the Rock the Dress photos though – do that on your first anniversary. I’d have worn my mum’s dress… if I hadn’t gotten married in white jeans without planning it…

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    I would love to have seen my mum’s wedding dress and was heartbroken when I found out she’d given it away.

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