reliving the moment

There is something very nostalgic and romantic about wearing the shoes you walked down the aisle in again post wedding. Especially if it is on your anniversary or even to your best friend’s wedding; it instantly makes you feel extra special.

It is the same with the jewellery and hair accessories that completed your outfit on the day. Even the nail varnish you wore can put a special shine on what would otherwise be just a regular day, not least because it’s likely this was the colour you were also wearing on your honeymoon.

Merryn, our Wedding List Consultant wore a beautiful white faux fur bolero for her winter wedding and it made another appearance at’s Christmas party the following year.

I haven’t yet found an occasion to wear my Labrinth Headband from Gillian Million again, but I am thinking that New Year’s eve could provide the perfect opportunity.

Another lovely keepsake we have from our special day is the Photo Boothe sign (our surname is Boothe) that Delightful Living so kindly made for us. It is now hanging up in our living room above some of the best photos from the makeshift ‘photo booth’ we set up at the wedding; it makes a great talking point.

By the way, while we’re on the subject of keeping items from the day: following my previous post, Trash or Treasure, I have decided not to sell my wedding dress. A couple of the comments about the memories your wedding dress holds really resonated with me. Besides I can always save up for that handbag!

Images by Amy Murrell

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