We’re in the Telegraph’s 50 best websites!

Websites that are leading the online – and social – revolution…

Who, little old us?

Well, not so little any more. But the truth is, we have only just celebrated our 4th birthday so we are still pretty young, so we were hugely chuffed to appear in this Telegraph article, as one of the best shopping sites, alongside netaporter.com and ebay.co.uk.

And we feel compelled to respond to Jasper Gerard and his plea about our knitted-effect ceramic beakers.

The answer is, you don’t need one. But the reason you must have one (and it’s the whole reason our site works) is because it is beautiful.

And for that reason, you have one in the post! Think of it as a very special thank you gift: distinctive, different and handmade with love.

  • Comment by Sharon Cooper

    What a lovely review! You girls really deserve to be in the 50 Best Websites, I always stop whatever I”m doing, I don’t need to say how busy we all are these days! However, the layout, photography, artwork, description of your products is truly ‘Eye-catching’! Keep up the really good work, it’s very much appreciated!
    Kind regards.

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