Waxing lyrical

As you know, the chaps of notonthehighstreet.com are taking part in Movember, and as such are entering the new (and for some uncharted) territory of upper lip grooming. Fortunately for them, one of our newest sellers is on hand to help. Mr King’s Marvelous Moustache Wax is made from Beeswax, Lanolin, extra virgin olive oil, and lemon and lime essential oils – a unique blend specially created to help tame facial fuzz. We asked two of our Movemberers to try it out.

First up was Roland, our Senior Developer, who’s currently sporting something similar to a Tom Selleck on his upper lip:

As the drizzle and darker nights of November draw in, I shave the carefully groomed beard from my face leaving only a moustache to adorn my face. How should these whiskers be styled is the question, and this year there can only be one answer: a proper curl, sported by Poirot and Victorian strongmen. To get such an apsect I need something to hold the shape, and the answer to my dilema is simple: Mister King’s Marvelous Moustache Wax.

Unlike the dreary commerical pastes you may have used in the past, this handmade wax has a firm hold and no residue. Instead of being held in a commonplace plastic tub, it comes in a rather charming tin; instead of a vague chemical smell it has a wonderful citrus bouquet. It is very firm to the touch (a bit of vigourous rubbing is required to make use of it) but this only adds to the tactile pleasure of twirling one’s moustache tips. In short, from one gentleman to another, thoroughly recommended.”

Hot on his heels was our Marketing Executive, John, champion of the strawberry-blonde brigade and our very own Yosemite Sam:

Mr King’s Marvelous Moustache Wax is the perfect soup-strainer adornment for the Mo-growing chap on the go. Its firm hold offers security and strength to the natural twists of the face fuzz, while the lemon-fresh scent gives the ‘tache a genuinely pleasing aroma that’s just great.

The pot itself is small enough to be carried around in-pocket making it ideal for travel but don’t think that the size is inhibiting for a man who sports a larger crop of upper-lip fur. One only need apply the smallest portion to be assured of a firm and unflinching cookie-duster that keeps its shape for hours to come.

And the ladies also appreciate the citrus fragrance that matches the tickling nature of the gentleman’s nose neighbour. It’s like a waft of mediterranean air on warm day in late spring, and that’s more than pleasing. I heartily, honestly and hairily approve and endorse this product.

We’ve got a pot of Mr King’s Marvelous Moustache Wax to give away to a fellow mo-grower. Simply comment on this post (or tweet us @notonthehighst) telling us who your own moustache icon is, and our favourite entry will win the pot of wax.

And don’t forget, you can sponsor the notonthehighstreet.com boys on their Movember page. Check back to the blog at the end of November to see how much mo the fellas have been able to grow.

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