Watch “The Lost Act” 04. OCT Live Now

After whispered negotiations, and Lost Lectures are delighted to present to you ‘The Lost Act’. You have been granted unprecedented, behind the scenes access to an abandoned theatre, way above the London skyline. Taking to the stage this evening are a brilliant array of speakers and performers.

We will be screening the show live from 7pm to 11pm right here, giving you an unbelievably rare experience and a glimpse of London that few living Londoners have shared.

Watch The Lost Act Live Now

The Line Up

Born and raised in the city of Birmingham, Steven Camden aka Polarbear is one of the most respected spoken word artists in the UK. After an accidental fall into spoken word involving a broken P.A system and a complete misunderstanding, he developed into a fully-fledged spoken word artist. Known for his unique performances, language and rhyme patterns from his Hip-Hop roots combine with the day-to-day sentiment of a man trying to figure things out.

Instagram usually isn’t the first port of call for political activism, but James is set to change all that. He is the creator of Dronestagram, a website that shows satellite images of areas subjected to drone attacks. His aim is to bridge a meaningful, moral connection to these foreign landscapes and to create a sense of accountability. The cumulative result is more than just an atlas of beguiling yet sinister beauty but a social tool that is putting real pressure on Government for greater transparency. He will be explaining his project on the night and discussing the wider implications of distancing technologies on our society.

Helen’s academic record teems with intrigue: after gaining a PhD from Cambridge in experimental explosives, she joined UCL to become their resident ‘bubble scientist’. An omniverous appetite for natural sciences, she’s presented documentaries for the BBC on everything from inter-stellar orbits to the animal kingdom, most recently ‘The Secret Power of Animals’ exploring the fascinating World beyond human perception. We’re not sure which area of the universe she’ll explore on the night, but assures us it will push the scientific limits of both super-humans and regular humans alike.

For those of you who missed the hype, Ed Gamble and Amy Hoggart are the stars behind Almost Royal, a nationwide prank that caught America off guard. The comic duo pretended to be dim-witted, distantly related blue-bloods embarking on a tour across the States, straining credulity and upping the ante wherever they turned. Like Borat but with posh people, we watched them embark on a genteel rampage, shocking the American public, from plastic surgeons in Hollywood to taxidermists in Texas. They will be gracing us with their majestic presence on the night and discussing their rather surreal road-trip.

Plummy British accents, propaganda clips and electro synths make an explosive mix: a lesson that Public Service Broadcasting are currently teaching adoring crowds around the world! Little is known about the masterminds behind this two-man outfit other than their names – J. Willgoose, Esq. And Wrigglesworth – and we have a sneaking suspicion that these might be fabricated. Their music involves plucking samples from archival material and merging these with rich electronic tapestries and live instruments. Having just completed a stellar worldwide tour following a critically-acclaimed debut album, a support tour with the Manic Street Preachers and a raucous set at Glasto, they are certainly on the top of their game. They’ll be breaking out their corduroys and dusting off their banjos to complete the night for an incredible live set. Before taking to the stage they will be in conversation with a broadcasting luminary to reveal the concept of their new album and talk about the creative process behind their unique work – a world premiere for Lost Lectures!

…one secret speaker. Watch. This. Space.

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