Watch “The Lost Act” 03. OCT Live Now

After whispered negotiations, and Lost Lectures are delighted to present to you ‘The Lost Act’. You have been granted unprecedented, behind the scenes, access to an abandoned theatre, way above the London skyline. Taking to the stage this evening are a brilliant array of speakers and performers.

We will be screening the show live from 7pm to 11pm right here, giving you an unbelievably rare experience and a glimpse of London that few living Londoners have shared.

Watch The Lost Act Live Now

The Line Up

Jake & Dinos Chapman are two of the most controversial figures in the art world. They’ve worked across a huge variety of media – from oil painting to figurines – and are consistent in their ability to cause utter outrage; whether exhibiting Adolf Hitler’s original oil paintings, desecrating rare Goyas, or crafting elaborate visions of hell complete with Ronald Macdonald on a crucifix. Their work plugs into the primitive stuff of nightmares, often depraved and forcing a visceral response. They will be sharing a few thoughts on life, art and most likely upsetting a few people in the process. This one ain’t for the faint hearted!

Apart from having possibly the coolest title in the House of Lords, ‘Baroness Lane Fox of Soho’ is a brilliantly successful businesswomen who co-founded back when we were are still getting acquainted with the strange sounds of the dial-up modem. She has an incredible number of strings to her bow, chairing multiple organisations, extensive charitable work including her own foundation She’s also the youngest female peer in the House of Lords, taking on the rather aptly named role of ‘UK’s Digital Champion’. She joins us to discuss her work and the importance of promoting computer literacy amongst the many millions of those who’ve been left behind.

Nick has gone where countless politicians, journalists and police officials dare not tread: the Murdoch Empire. After a semi-anonymous tip-off several years ago, he was alerted to a practise known as phone-hacking; following a series of nervous off-the-record leads, he soon discovered a culture of corruption at The News of the World and a worrying complicity amongst the UK’s power elite. Fobbed off by Scotland Yard, bullied by a host of journalists, editors and middlemen he continued to unpack one of the biggest scandals the British media has ever faced. He’s recently published a book, ‘Hack Attack’, describing the maelstrom that followed. He’ll be joining us to explain what it’s like taking on the most powerful people in the country.

Charlie Dark is the shadowy figure behind Run Dem Crew. His story starts with a series of solitary night-time runs. He chose night to hide his ineptitude (years travelling the world as a DJ and partying with the Beastie Boys had ransacked his stamina). Soon, he became rather good at running, but stuck to the same format; touring the streets under the cover of darkness proved to be a liberating experience that he believes saved his life. He decided to share this positive discovery and founded Run Dem Crew, a growing family of runners that fly by night, using the exercise to inspire social change, empowering some of the city’s most vulnerable residents. He insists that Run Dem Crew is not ‘cool’…we’ll let you lot be the judge!

Tipped by Jay Z to be the next big thing, collaborating with garage royalty (Dizzee Rascal), partying with RnB superstars (Solange, Kalela to name a few), setting the internet ablaze with hugely innovative mix-tapes, and still meeting uni deadlines: Little Simz is a force to be reckoned with. She’s been rapping since the age of nine and has already amassed a powerful fan base who’ve watched her grow. These days, many have credited her with ushering in a new wave of rap, one that merges ruthless candour with high levels of experimentation. She will be performing for us on the night and sharing the story of her explosive entrance into music.

…one secret speaker. Watch. This. Space.


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