Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

You could get flowers, but then you always buy flowers. Chocolates are an option, but you’ll only end up eating them yourself. How about you get something unique, original and even personalised to show just how well you know your other half? Yep, we like that idea too.

We’ve pulled together a collection of our favourite Valentine’s Day gifts, all from our community of creative small businesses.

Personalised Carved Heart Cheese Board by THE RUSTIC DISH
Personalised Envelope Cufflinks by MARIA ALLEN BOUTIQUE
Personalised Silver Infinity Necklace by POSH TOTTY DESIGNS
Personalised Wooden Couples Keepsake Box by SOPHIA VICTORIA JOY
Personalised Favourite Song Soundwaves Print by HOUSE OF YVE
Personalised Silver Infinity Cufflinks by LOUY MAGROOS
Personalised Charm And Arrow Necklace by MERCI MAMAN
Personalised Family Names Heart Necklace by POSH TOTTY DESIGNS
Beard And Moustache Care Gift Set by MEN ROCK
Personalised ‘Story Of Us’ Print by BETSY BENN
Personalised Coordinates Print by THE DRIFTING BEAR CO.
Personalised Square Map Location Cufflinks by ELLIE ELLIE
Personalised Men’s Leather Date Bracelet by LB MAN
Personalised King Of The Kitchen Apron by SPARKS CLOTHING
Personalised Ampersand Wedding Cushion by TILLYANNA
Cream Leather And Rose Gold Wrap Bracelet by LILY BELLE
‘My Side Your Side’ Pillowcases by TWISTED TWEE HOMEWARES
Men’s Engraved Message Bracelet by BETWEEN YOU & I
Personalised Mounted Luggage Tags by VELVET RIBBON
Framed Favourite Song Picture by SARAH & BENDRIX

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  • Comment by Fran Moore

    These are just beautiful.

  • Comment by Martin Bennettand jo Bell

    what a brilliant idea to help people out as I myself have no thioughts of what to get my beloved for valentimnes this year as I have no thoughts at all as she has hay fever flowers are out and she s on a diet so chocolate is out also so whATS a guy to buy I am at a dead lossthis year cant think of anything exept maybe a ring or bracelet what do you reckon hguys help a dude out please .

  • Comment by Harry prettier I live near CMS

    Amazed with what I can get

  • Comment by Michelle

    Makes me sad seeing all these lovely gifts! Ive yet to recieve a valentines card after 3 years with my partner… Fed up of last minute (i.e on the day flowers) from Asda. Call me ungrateful… a girl can dream!

  • Comment by Peter gray

    I asked my darling wife of 44 years what I could get her for Valentine’s Day ? She said anything my dear as long as it’s got diamonds in it I really hope she likes the pack of cards I bought her.

  • Comment by Ramesh

    very NICE gifts …. very unusual and good gifts …. but alas…. no one ever became my valentine …. so wouldnt know valntines day if it fell on me …. Ah well … no one gets every thing ….

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