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When imagining my wedding day, I always thought I’d be the type of bride who wore flowers in her hair and nothing on her feet. In reality, however, my wedding day is going to be a city affair and walking the streets of London with no shoes is really not advisable. Besides, I love shoes!

Flowers in my hair, I reasoned, were achievable, and as I set out on my bridal attire search, this is what I had in mind. But I still couldn’t decide on whether or not a veil would be the perfect compliment or frothy overkill.

I have to admit that, even though I had considered it a little, really I had already made up my mind that a veil just wasn’t for me, I didn’t imagine myself being a hugely traditional bride, and I felt that this was one thing that I could happily get married without.

What no one ever tells you is that, if trying on a beautiful wedding dress makes both you and your Mum cry, just wait until the shop assistant plops a veil on your head!

Maybe I should explain here that before this moment, even though I had thoroughly engrossed myself in various wedding activities, I had felt a little like I was living in a strange dreamy bubble, almost that I was just playing or living someone else’s life.

It was the veil that changed this and that provided the tipping point from out of body experience to sparkling reality. A veil is distinctly bridal (when else would you ever wear one?) and when I looked in the mirror and saw that layer of tulle flowing over my shoulders, it was then that I truly believed that it was me going through this momentous rite of passage – I was going to get MARRIED and be a MRS!

Has anyone else experienced a thunderbolt moment of ‘oh my god I’m going to get married’? Or do you have some serious wedding indecision you need a helping hand with? Let us know!

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  • That is EXACTLY how I felt, always wanted to be barefoot and arrive sitting side saddle on a horse and certainly NO veil for me. However after searching to find my perfect dress (after wondering if perhaps it did exist) I found it and before I knew it the lady in the shop was popping a veil on my head and at that moment I felt like I bride – I finally ‘got it’!. 12 years on & I still remember that very ‘this is really happening’ feeling when I tried my dress and veil on…. oh & I also wore shoes and sat in a horse drawn carriage not on the horses back… not a thing I’d change even after all this time.

  • Hi Jayne,

    It really is an amazing feeling isn’t?

    Your wedding sounds so beautiful, how special to have a horse drawn carriage!

    Louise x

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