From dreadfully delicious chocolate skulls, to dangerously delectable cocktails, we’ve got a whole host of Halloween treats guaranteed to make your celebration a truly spooktacular event. Watch out though, we have a few tricks up our sleeve too.

TREAT: Edible flower crowns, glittering eyes and autumnal colours. It doesn’t get much better than The Whimsical Cake Company’s day of the dead-inspired skull chocolates. The devil is certainly in the detail with these hand-crafted Belgian beauties. They’re the perfect addition to an adult trick or treat bag, or as a spooky snack to enjoy while you’re watching your favourite horror.

TREAT: Choose your poison wisely. Get into the Halloween spirit with our selection of spellbinding cocktails. From spiced rum to amaretto sours, they’re sure to make your tastebuds tingle. Our cocktail jars also make a great treat for Halloween guests. Use black ribbon to a tie a skeleton straw and name tag around each cocktail for the ultimate spooky party favour.

TREAT: Black cherry flavoured sugar swizzle sticks are guaranteed to lure in your most inquisitive guests. Similar to lollipops, this American style candy can be crunched into straight off the stick. They look great on a Halloween dessert table, or as a part of a trick or treat buffet (drool). Swizzle sticks can also be added to your favourite cocktail or a glass of Champagne. Just add to your drink, stir and watch the black magic happen.

TREAT: Sure to delight ghosts and ghouls alike these creepy cookie pops, baked by Nila Holden, come in an assortment of Halloween designs. There’s everything from pumpkins to tombstones and even a scaredy-cat for your little ones. Cookie pops make a great alternative for hungry trick or treaters and also work well as part of a Halloween display.

TREAT: We dare you to find anything more terrifying than this little fella. No need to call ghostbusters however as these adorable ghost pug cookies by Eat My Cake London are so delicious they’re unlikely to stick around for long. Alternatively, you could get your teeth into these vampire pug cookies (no garlic, we promise).

TRICK: Only for the brave, The Snaffling Pig Co. have turned up the heat with their ‘Pig of Doom’ pork scratchings. The concoction includes Bhut Jolokia (aka ‘Ghost Chilli’) one of the hottest in the world. We’re talking mouth burning, face-melting hot. Perfect for any Halloween guests with a sense of humour and taste for spice. Just make sure you’ve got a glass of milk at the ready.

TRICK: Can you handle the heat? Not many can withstand these small but mighty chilli powders. Made by Marvling Bros, these spicy surprises are so tiny they fit into a matchbox. Don’t be fooled though, this is one explosive gift. Try the ‘ghost powder’ if you dare but be warned, it burns for up to 10 minutes. This is most definitely not for the faint-hearted!

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