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Mixed Metal Jewellery

Gold or silver? It’s an age-old problem. If you’re like us, you probably pledged allegiance to one or the other long ago. But mixing metals doesn’t have to be a fashion faux pas. In fact, it’s chic to clash.

With the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Isla Fisher sporting a stylish kaleidoscope of mixed metallics, it’s no wonder we’ve been so easily convinced. Gold and silver combined with coppery hues makes for the holy trinity of metals. Layered up with a mixture of tones and textures, mixing metals creates a statement look with a luxe feel.

So ladies, it’s time to break the monotone chain – not literally – and start mixing your metals. Because, as it turns out, gold and silver (not to mention rose gold, copper and platinum) go together like a good Gin and Tonic.

Styling Tip:
Wear with soft blush pinks and taupes to accentuate metallic hues.

Personalised 9ct Gold Russian Ring Necklace by POSH TOTTY DESIGNS
Rajput Precious Stone Spinning Ring by CHARLOTTE’S WEB
Eden Two Tone Necklace by MY POSH SHOP
Biafra Strand Bracelet by BLOOM BOUTIQUE
Triple Letter Disc Necklace by J&S JEWELLERY
Precious Metal Friendship Bracelet by HURLEY BURLEY

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