Christmas comes early for Rufus

I received a lovely gift in the post the other day. Not for me, but for my dog, Rufus – yet I was just as excited as if I’d received a goodie bag for myself. I knew Rufus would be delighted – his life revolves around tricks and treats! He’s so well trained now, and so eager to please, that even if we accidentally drop a dog treat on the floor, he never dives in and wolfs it. Instead, he starts doing every trick he knows in succession to see which one will work! It’s most amusing. On this occasion, his command was to ‘sit’ or ‘lie’ in pose for photos: he waited obediently for his treats but as I messed around with my iPhone snapping photos of him looking woeful, the temptation was more than he could stand. A sneaky lightening move left my carefully styled arrangement looking rather bare. I shouldn’t have pushed my luck.

Many thanks to Mrs Twee’s Dog Bakery who sells on through seller Colloco. Rufus is a big fan!

  • Comment by Juanita Tatler

    Rufus is gorgeous, is he a liver Rhodesian Ridgeback? I have two Ridgebacks with different colouring but other that that they look very similar to Rufus.

  • Comment by Jo Kite

    He’s a Hungarian Vizsla and he creates quite a stir whenever he comes into the office! He’s very gorgeous and a lot of fun.

  • Comment by Designdais

    I know exactly how Rufus wanted to go through his training moves for those gorgeous treats. I have a Hungarian Vizsla, Bazil, who is exactly the same ! Bazil is v jealous so I ‘ll get no peace til i log on and send for some Mrs Twee’s Bakery dog treats too.

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