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It’s hard to imagine a wedding without a sweet cake centrepiece. With so many designs to choose from, whether it be a three-tiered masterpiece or a scrumptious tower of cupcakes, it’s tricky to pick the right one without it taking a huge slice out of your budget (no pun intended!).

I always find homemade cakes to be far more delightful. Being the one to lick the batter spoon clean and relish in the fresh smell of baked goods as they come out of the oven makes the task of running around the kitchen for a few hours far less tedious. Not to mention being the first to eat a massive slice of home-cooked goodness.

For now the idea of making my own wedding cake seems the best possible solution, but then this may change by the time my big day arrives! A quick browse, I’ve found many fool-proof recipes even the least domestic goddess could conquer. But if all else fails most supermarkets sell basic, plain iced, three-tiered cakes and we sell a few of our own wedding cakes too.

If you make your own cake decorating is the best part! You can be as avant-garde or creative as you wish. Have your cake tell a story about your relationship or follow in the footprints of your wedding day theme. No matter what you do it will be one-of-a-kind and special to you both. A simple wedding cake would suit a ‘Mr & Mrs’ shortbread couple stood on top or crystal frosted silver lettering. And for building a tier of cupcakes instead of a traditional cake, add the wow-factor to iced cupcakes with pretty, flower shaped toppers or felt hearts. The possibilities are endless!

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