time to take action

notonthehighstreet.com launched three years ago, and for the same three years I have been promising myself I would go to the gym, but it just hasn’t happened – mainly because it doesn’t fit in with a fulltime job and a four year old! It simply isn’t an option to sacrifice my precious fifteen minutes in the evening with Harry to tackle a cross trainer in a sweaty gym. And we certainly don’t believe in dieting in our office! So I have finally made the plunge and found myself a personal trainer. With our offices being next to the river in Barnes Bridge, the opportunity for a midday run has always been there, but now I have a young man to motivate me! It’s not easy but I am finding it invigorating (for five minutes, then I have a grimace for the remainder of each session!). I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Apologies that I am only a speck in the photo, but the photographer was under strict instructions to photograph from a minimum of 100 metres…

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