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From time to time we like to hand the controls of the blog over to one of the fascinating and talented people who work at when they have something interesting to say – this time it’s the turn of John, who works in our marketing department and also has a passion for (and an entertaining blog all about) t-shirts. He’ll happily admit that the multitude of low-volume and unusual designer t-shirts available from our sellers simply feeds his addiction – here’s his guest post.

My name’s John and I work at I also have a blog where all I talk about is t-shirts. I review all the t-shirts I really like. Not that I’m obsessed with them or anything. Just because I have two drawers full of them and will soon be requiring a third, doesn’t mean I have a problem. Working at has given me a great way to find t-shirts from smaller companies in the UK – meaning I find things that a lot of people don’t know about. And as much as I’d like to keep it that way (I love hearing someone say “Where did you get that awesome t-shirt!?”) I also want to see those companies grow – that’s kind of the deal when you work here.

When people at work found out that I had a blog all about t-shirts, they asked me to write a post about them for the official blog, and I decided to pick my three favourites. That turned out to be pretty hard because there are so many good ones, but upon consultation, I was told I couldn’t have a 3,000-word article about my top 30. So, after a lot of deliberation, I picked three that I really love, and now I can tell you why…

Dead Parrot T-Shirt by Layer Eight 

Layer Eight are always great at bringing you t-shirts based on classic comedy, and one of my all-time favourite sketches is the Dead Parrot sketch by Monty Python’s Flying Circus – now immortalised on this t-shirt. Not only is it a simple, striking design, but every time I look at it I’m reminded of so many fantastic lines. It’s one of those t-shirts that just makes you smile – laugh even – and that’s why it’s great.

Three Wise Monkeys T-Shirt by Beckett & Beckett 

Three Wise Monkey T Shirt by Beckett & Beckett

I like monkeys. OK, chimps are technically apes, but they still fit into the whole monkey theme, and therefore they’re cool. This is a great, modern take on a classic fable, employing earphones, shades and a surgical mask. I spend many an hour thinking “What’s he listening to?” and punning to my heart’s delight. ‘We Are The Chimp-ions’, ‘Please Rhesus Me (Let Me Go)’, etc, etc…

Pandamachine T-Shirt by Monster Threads

Pandamachine T Shirt by Monster Threads

Something about a robot panda tickles me. How much better would the Terminator films be if it was a robot panda sent from the future to destroy humanity? It’s funny, it’s a beautiful design and it’s both cute and terrifying at the same time – like ‘cutrifying’ – which isn’t the easiest thing to pull off. Monster Threads do it perfectly though, and everyone looks good in this t-shirt.

So there you go. A parrot, some monkeys, and a panda. That’s what goes into good t-shirts

If you’d like to read more of John’s ever-eloquent reviews, head over to his blog – There’s plenty more from there too…

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