The ties that bind

While scrolling through the site this week, I came across this charming campervan tie by Stabo.

It’s by Stabo, who I know from their very handsome collection of t-shirts. I’m a fan of t-shirts but I’m not very good with suits. But sometimes you need to suit up. When you’re a guy, there are times when getting suited and booted is not only necessary but fun. Not every day, but sometimes. Like weddings, christenings and stuff like that. Well, I have a confession to make: I hate wearing a suit.

I’m not of a figure that suits a suit. I tend to resemble someone stood in the dock of a courtroom rather than a suave or sophisticated gentleman. Were I to try and stroll down Savile Row wearing a suit, I’d be chased by horrified tailors wielding flaming torches and oversized scissors all the way to Berkeley Square. It’s not a good look.

Now, I look good in a kilt. I have my own and I look like a highland chief when I’m in my full regalia, but it’s not for every occasion. But were I to switch from my clan’s colours to a three piece cage, it would be like going from Braveheart to Frank Spencer.

Thankfully‘s offices have a relatively relaxed dress code. It’s certainly not flip flops and string vests (I tried that and there was a lot of shouting), but smart shirts and jumpers are usually the most that is required of the chaps in the building. And as a man who is to a suit what a hedgehog is to advanced mathematics (useless and unfamiliar) I’m more than happy with this.

Because of this apparent inability to look good in a suit, I’ve learned to treasure ties. There are a lot of good suit accessories, and the key, I have found, is the tie. Get a good tie and that’s what people will remember. Hopefully they won’t remember the suit that looks like you left the hanger in it, and then stuffed it with a few more hangers for good measure. I hold ties in very high regard, so here are some of my favourites from across the site:

'Play Me!' Screen Printed Tie by Bobby Rocks

Screen Printed Violin Tie by Bobby Rocks

Bobby Rocks has created a very clever tie that often receives compliments. It’s subtle, much like the harmonious sound of the violin to which it so elegantly pays homage. Even thinking about it, I start using words like ‘harmonious’ and ‘homage’. It’s that good.

Penguin Books Tie by The Literary Gift Company

Penguin Books Tie by The Literary Gift Company

This tie shows off your literary side, which is good because a conversation about books means you can avoid a conversation about the suit. It’s beautifully screen-printed and really unique – a real winner. Particularly suited to your local library’s annual dance (you may not have a library as socially advanced as I do).

Silk Sheep Ties by Penny Lindop Designs

Silk Sheep Tie by Penny Lindop Designs

Penny Lindop Designs created this very playful tie, covered in colourful little sheep. Our PR Manager, Emma, particularly likes this one, partly because she’s obsessed with sheep and partly because she has a great idea of what looks good on a man.

I’ve got a couple of occasions coming up where I’ll need to wear a suit, and as much as I’ll resent it, if I wear one of these ties, I’ll feel a bit better about it. I’ll always look ‘unique’, but at least with these I’ll be looking ‘good unique’ rather than the ‘did-someone-shave-a-bear-and-put-it-in-a-suit unique’.

View all ties and tie accessories here.

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