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I’ve found that getting engaged and planning a wedding has made me get on and do a few things that I have always meant to do but haven’t. The biggest of these has been finally getting round to visiting an orthodontist and getting a brace to fix my wonky front teeth. It’s something that, for years, I always noticed in photos and that bothered me, but it was the thought of the wedding that pushed me to get organised and sort it out.

I am now in my last week before the braces come off, and as everyone around me will confirm, it hasn’t been an easy process and has made me even more of a fretful bride-to-be than I might have been otherwise. I had them applied with nine months to go before the wedding – the shortest possible time period allowed – and so each appointment has been a little tense with me hoping and praying that my teeth are making the necessary progress. We then had a small mishap about halfway through my treatment where one of the brackets was left open and a gaping hole opened up to one side of my top teeth! After this I was told that I might not be ready to have the braces off before the wedding – WHAT??? Walking down the aisle Ugly Betty-style is not what I had in mind!

We’ve caught up since then, but they are still not quite the perfect set of pearly whites I’m dreaming of. So here I am, in my last week before the scheduled removal date, still hoping and praying that, come next Wednesday, I will be the proud owner of a perfectly straight set of gnashers – wish me luck!

I discussed this the-wedding-made-me-do-it phenonomen with my fellow noths brides Liana and Cora, and it seems it’s not just me – for Liana hers was getting into to shape ‘…I had been meaning to do it for months and months but setting the date was what gave me the kick in the bum I needed.’ And Cora went down a similar road to me, getting a childhood tooth related injury fixed in time for her big day.

Just to add as we’re speaking of the ‘big day’, bride Liana and her partner Chris are getting married tomorrow! We want to send them lots of love and best wishes from everyone here. We hope the sun is shining and you both have an amazing day!

Has setting your date inspired you to get something done that has been on your life to-do list for months, or even years? Let us know in the comments box!

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