the story of Swings & Pretty Things

Our next partner story comes from Jayne at Swings & Pretty Things. Jayne sells a range of whimsical home and garden accessories and started her business in 2009.

“I started a business when I decided I wanted to do something for ‘me’. I started out selling purely garden and outdoor accessories which fitted in well with my love of the outdoors. Whilst setting up my business my husband was working away and I was working part time for my dad’s business so life was very hectic to say the least, it’s only ever that busy now in the run up to Christmas!

I have learnt a lot about retail since starting Swings & Pretty Things, especially with starting a business in a recession. The business has had to change to allow for this hence the addition to our product range to now include home accessories and gifts. Thankfully we are still here which I think is testament that we must be doing something right ! I still get that buzz when my Blackberry ‘pings’ a new order through, and I love the fact that someone loves our products as much as we do.

I am very proud of Swings & Pretty Things, and with the help of I want to continue to see the company grow and move forward – we’ve already had products in VOGUE and a product request from Vanity Fair, which I don’t think is too bad for a small company which was started from an idea over a glass of wine in my kitchen!”