bridal beauty; the power of the eyebrow

My obsession with beauty products began in my teenage years when one of my make-up-free school photos left me bearing a resemblance to Dawson from Dawson’s Creek. I decided it was time to discover the benefits of make up to feel a bit prettier, and have never looked back. But that doesn’t mean I ever want to be (or look!) plastered in the stuff – it’s all about finding the right products – and by that I mean the best quality items, that stay on all day, in the colours that are both on trend and suit you.

Back in the day, when I was doing work experience for More magazine, they were short of someone for their ‘beauty crimes’ feature and decided I would be a good guinea pig. We decided my crime would be ‘invisible eyebrows’ because I ignored my eyebrows, as they were blonde and I hadn’t even considered that I should do anything with them. So I was plucked and pampered and my eyebrows were shaped, and lightly coloured in, giving them a life of their own for the first time. And it really made a difference to my face, and especially my eyes (surprising, that!). A good brow frames your eye perfectly. I would always avoid much plucking apart from the essential tidy-up, as a fuller brow looks more natural, requires less maintenance and gives a softer frame for the eyes. The best kit I have found for the job is from Benefit – it comes in three shades (including a non-scary shade for blondes), with a wax, powder, two shaped brushes and pair of tweezers. It’s a really cute kit but you don’t even need to carry it round with you; it stays on all day. For your wedding day, it’s even more essential to define your brows because of the photographs – you need to accentuate all of your key features for a classic look.

Featured dress and shrug by Nancy Mac.

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