The phone case edit

Aztec elephant case by APPLE-CART

Jen in our marketing team upgraded to a shiny new iPhone 5 yesterday, so we spent our lunchtime poring over all the gorgeous phone cases our sellers offer. It was a hard job, but we’ve picked our top 10 to share with you.

Bourbon Biscuit Phone Case, Initial Letter Phone Case, Dachshund Dog Phone Case


Bourbon biscuit case by CRANK / Initial case by ALPHABET BAGS /Dachshund dog case by INDIRA ALBERT

Oscar Wilde Phone Case, Pastel Flowers Phone Case, Personalised Memories Phone Case

Oscar Wilde quote case by LITERARY EMPORIUM / Pastel flowers case by NIKKI STRANGE / Personalised memories case by A TYPE OF DESIGN

Cup of Tea Phone Case, Coloured Triangles Phone Case, Blue Whale Phone Case

Teacup case by ANGELA CHICK / Coloured triangles case by GIANT SPARROWS / Ombre whale print by APPLE-CART

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