You may have noticed that our logo (and some of our favourite products) have been missing some very crucial letters. Don’t worry, we’re not losing our marbles, we’re actually helping raise awareness for our friends over at National Blood Week. Starting on Monday, they’ll be encouraging our nation to put on a brave face and give blood.

They need 204,000 new volunteers to come forward to keep the nation’s blood stocks at a safe level for the future. 40% fewer people gave blood across England and North Wales last year compared to a decade ago.

If not enough new people donate blood and these ‘types’ were to go missing in years to come, there wouldn’t be enough blood available when patients need it.

We’re not the only ones supporting the cause. Our friends over at Waterstones and the Odeon have also been removing the letters A, O and B from their names. National Blood Week need donors of all blood types; hence the name of the campaign: “Missing Type.”

Regular donations are crucial to saving and improving the lives of patients with cancer, blood disorders and those suffering medical trauma or undergoing surgery.

To find out more about the campaign and how you can help, visit National Blood Week now.

A big thank you to all of our lovely sellers; PaperPaper, Sophia Victoria Joy and Vincent, for getting involved in the campaign.

  • Comment by Sharon purchase

    I started donating blood last year after years of ‘I’ll get round to it’. I finally did and it really was a ‘is that it?’ moment. I’ll be donating my 3rd pint in a couple of weeks :)

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