The magic behind a name

Some think their name fits them perfectly. Others adopt a sparkly new nickname. The odd few even let it determine their destiny (Bruno Fromage, MD of dairy company Danone, we’re talking to you). But love it or hate it, don’t we all get that warm feeling when we see something with our name on?

Time to pick the brains of the experts — our Partners who personalise gifts days in day out, our lovely customers, and a few trusty scientists — to find out: what makes a name so special to us?

Above: Personalised Bar Necklace by Lisa Angel

First up, let’s bring in the heroes/culprits: our parents. Many trawl tirelessly through baby name books for inspiration — our Partner, Sophia Victoria Joy, has seen a rise in Willows, Theas, and Isabellas lately, for example. And failing that, many turn to their favourite TV shows; Elsa from Frozen proves popular, and Auntie Mims has been busy personalising gifts for little Aryas (Game of Thrones), although admittedly, many of these were dogs!

Then there are those inspired by royalty — My 1st Years told us “Prince George and Princess Charlotte are definitely responsible for an increase in these names.” But no matter how parents discover it, the main determinator will often be a name that really connects with them.

Then somewhere along the line, we start to create our own special bond with our name (whether abbreviated or in all its full glory). In his book ‘How to win friends and influence people’, Dale Carnegie mentions, “Remember that a person’s name is, to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” Studies have even shown that hearing it triggers greater brain activation — best brush up on our name-remembering skills, then.

It explains why, when we asked our customers what Christening gift they’d buy for a baby, the majority said “something personalised” – something that can be “treasured from that day”, that would “last a lifetime” — just like these…

Then soon comes marriage, and with it, the sacrifice of changing a name we’ve grown so fond of. And because we can’t help who we fall in love with, this is where things can get very awkward. We’ve seen love bring together Mr & Mrs Hardy-Harr, the Looney-Wardes and the Macdonald-Bergers. Oh thank you, Fate.

Above: Personalised Wedding Cheese Board And Knives Set byDust and Things | Personalised Couple Cushion Cover by Vintage Designs Reborn

So, despite having absolutely no say in the matter, it seems our name is something we grow really quite attached to. Our Partners, Sophia Victoria Joy and Auntie Mims leave us with their most popular personalised products that are bound to raise a smile. And if they don’t, well, we’ll blame science.

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