the long and short of bridesmaid dresses

Part one: The long

The maxi is back by popular demand as a firm fashion favourite this summer. Many of us have been using the maxi dress to subtly transition ourselves out of our winter wardrobes and embrace the summer. They have definitely been invaluable in our office in tackling the dreaded to-bare-or-not-to-bare leg dilemma that we face every morning at this time of year! The maxi’s resurgence onto the shelves for yet another season got me thinking about how perfect the dress is for bridesmaids and here is why…

The maxi is a flattering style for almost every shape, size, height and age group. The popular belief that long dresses do nothing but ‘drown’ more petit builds isn’t exactly true. Last summer a number of my ‘tinier’ friends looked great in maxis; they were clever and paid careful attention to cut and fit when making their choices.

The maxi’s current popularity means there are so many colours, patterns and variations out there, which (I’m sure if you look in the right places) will beautifully match and compliment any wedding theme or colour scheme. This is great for brides on a budget or those who have a number of beautiful bridesmaids, who happen to look like chalk and cheese! Remember, your bridesmaids are an elite group of your nearest and dearest, who want to avoid looking like blancmanges too! Here are some of my personal favourites…

The Renno Coral Maxi Dress by Kiki’s is a stunning maxi that would be perfect for a Spring/summer wedding and would flatter most body shapes. I love the soft frill across the dress; not unflattering and not too fussy as some frills can be. The soft colour and removable belt makes it extremely versatile, giving you the freedom to accessorize as you and your maids wish and incorporate it into your chosen wedding theme. It is also available in a more vibrant ‘apricot’ shade, giving you the option to dress your bridesmaids in both colours of the dress for a quirky styling option – gold accessorise would look fabulous with either shade. At £75 each they are reasonably priced and after the wedding, your bridesmaids are left with a beautiful dress they can treasure but actually wear again.

Anusha’s Gabrielle Blue Maxi Dress at £159 exudes elegant. The colour of the dress means it would perhaps better suit an autumn or winter wedding. The brooch pictured isn’t included with the dress, but shows how wonderfully the style and colour go with diamanté accessories (Anusha has an abundance of lovely offerings). However the cut of the dress is so striking and along with the detailed cap sleeves, it means you could just keep it plain and classic if you prefer.

My final choice is the Ezra Maxi Dress by Beulah London. It is a stunning dress that would brighten up any aisle in my opinion. Effortlessly classic from the front, with cute and chic tie details on the back, it really is a beautiful. Made of 100% silk crepe de chine, it is ultra-luxurious and comparatively it is a higher price than my other picks. It would be a perfect choice of dress for those who have a larger budget or those who are planning on having one bridesmaid. It would be great for a bright summer wedding and easy to accessorize. Why not add cuff bracelets (as big or as delicate as you like) so as not to distract from the the striking colour and detailing on the back?

Each of my selections are equally gorgeous but extremely different and show just how versatile the maxi style can be. Why don’t you tell us what you will be dressing your bridesmaids in on your big day?

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