the icing on the cake

Today, we share with you a very special engagement story indeed. Emma and Kit got engaged last autumn and we must say that this romantic proposal has earned serious brownie (or should I chocolate cake?) points for Kit! They make a seriously lovely couple. I’ll hand you over to Emma who tells us how it all happened for them…

I’d always thought of myself as a fairly intuitive person. I often have a feeling when something is about to happen, good or bad – and would like to think I’m quite perceptive.  Kit managed to prove me totally wrong when he completely shocked me by proposing in October. I spent the following three days (at least!) flitting between being hopelessly speechless or a bumbling, dithering idiot (more so than normal, anyway).  Of course we’d spoken about getting married but by my calculations, I wasn’t expecting even a hint of the question being popped until late 2012…

It was a Sunday afternoon on 16 October and Kit had booked us lunch at Claridges for a bit of a treat.  ‘There’s a big restaurant festival going on – they might have a special menu!’ were his words, so we smartened up – a nice change from our usual ‘Sunday slobs’ – and made our way there for 2pm.  Looking back there were a few tell-tale signs which I definitely should have picked up on, one was Kit’s hand shaking as he ate his beef consommé and then there was his insistence that I had some wine ‘in case we found we had something to toast’ – but no, a proposal was so far from my mind that even clues like these were lost on me.

I was still managing to resist the wine when we reached dessert.  My dish was placed in front of me and looked delicious and Kit’s in front of him, looking scrummy, but then a third waiter appeared! This waiter was carrying another plate displaying a very large, very chocolate-y looking, strawberry topped cake, ‘and we have another, extra dessert for you too, madam’, he explained. 

I realised then (rather too late) that something was going on and my initial thought was ‘oh no – they’ve got our order mixed up’, closely followed by ‘oh no, Kit has lied that it is my birthday!  Please don’t let them sing!’  

I was still reeling from the impending embarrassment when the cake was put carefully down onto our table, beautifully decorated with the words, ‘Marry me Moo Moo’ (my nickname, don’t ask!).

I read it once… and then again …and then again… until finally it sunk in.

‘What?! Oh my gosh?! Seriously?!’, which I admit is not entirely the most gracious nor romantic of responses.  By this point we were surrounded by waiters, who if I’m honest rather got in the way and Kit couldn’t get out from his chair to do the traditional down on one knee routine!

None of that mattered though and in fact I’m not sure that I would have noticed by that point! I did eventually say ‘Yes’, of course, and we are planning to tie the knot in October this year. 

At least one layer of our wedding cake will be chocolate…

If that hasn’t got you squealing, sweetly-sighing or craving choclate cake (or all of the above) then I don’t know what will! We would like to send very special thanks to Emma and Kit for sharing their beautiful story with us.

Congratulations to you both and we can’t wait to hear more about the plans for your wedding day, on the blog soon!

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