Culinary craftsmen (and magnets for every bread-related pun in existence) Tom and Henry Herbert know a thing or two about handmade. Dividing their time between Bristol’s Hobbs House Bakery, their cookery school and TV stardom as Channel 4’s Fabulous Baker Brothers, they’re on a mission to bring the ‘real’ back to food.

Why do you cook?
Tom: I’m always hungry really. I wake up starving and it just goes from there. I also love the process of cooking, I can switch off when I’m cooking but also be fully alive. It’s my happy space.
Henry: It’s relaxing and enjoyable, but most of all because I’m hungry.

What makes food inspiring to you?
I love the transformation of raw ingredients into something beautiful and delicious, but mainly the way it brings people together. I don’t really like making food for just myself, I love to share and food is the perfect thing to give.
Henry: The people that make it – I love going out and finding people that are inspired by food, I also love its ability to bring people together.

What tastes most resonate with you?
The smell of fresh bread out of the oven, and cooking bacon with a pot of coffee brewing. Can there be a finer combination?
Henry: Simple, savoury, and full flavoured soul food.

How important is your setting to the food you are eating?
Pretty important, it can of course make the experience more magical. A greek salad on the beach with sand between your toes is far better than in cold wet England – but food has the ability to transport you somewhere else with just a taste.
Henry: It can really enhance it. We live in a beautiful country, to enjoy it whilst eating is the ultimate experience for me – think picnics, BBQs and campfires.

What music do you like to play?
I’m really into BBQ food at the moment, and having gone to America last year I’ve developed a liking for old American country rock whilst grilling.
Henry: I love Spotify – this is our playlist of tracks we’re into right now. We shared it with the producers of our show to help influence the mood of the programme – it inspired the tunes played throughout the series, and kept us rocking whilst we wrote our book.

What would be your ideal meal and why?
A meal in a far away place with my family – with the holiday ahead of us in a hot and humid environment, eating strange food with a cool beer. That’s the kind of moment I would work hard for so I could do it again.
Henry: Top of the list, a meal with my wife and four kids beats anything. Breakfast on Saturdays with the weekend ahead is a meal to be celebrated.

Here are their picks to help you get inspired.

“I’ve been teaching bread-making courses for over a decade now. It gives me the greatest pleasure to share the great inheritance of learning to bake real bread, and now I’m able to do it in what was our family home above our bakery in Chipping Sodbury.” – Tom
Bread Making Master Class by Hobbs House Bakery

“This kit makes food smoking totally accessible to people at home. To me that’s perfect, smokey bacon cooked on a barbecue, all you need now is some good bread.” – Henry
Bacon Cure And Smoke Kit by Hot Smoked

“We met the guys from the Whiskey Tasting Company at a food festival, they changed our view on whiskey and unearthed a whole new passion. We bought this tasting pack for our director when we started filming, the perfect warm up.” – Tom
Old And Rare Scotch Whisky Set by Whiskey Tasting Company

“A beautiful board to serve beautiful bread. It’s hand-crafted and the perfect place for any handmade loaf. This board would sit in pride of place in my kitchen.” – Henry
Leather Strap Bread Board by Rowen & Wren

Pace yourself. You don’t have to buy them all at once. In fact, add items to your wishlist, share it with friends, and you might not have to buy them at all…

Barrett’s Ridge Beer Bread Mix by Dassie

Personalised Silver Plated Butter Knife by The Cutlery Commission

Seasonal Gardening Mug Carrots by The Food Guide

Linen French Style Bread Bag by Rosie’s Armoire

Ploughman’s Gift Set And Spanner Cheese Knife by Whisk Hampers

Sourdough Starter Bread Kit by Hobbs House Bakery

Steak Branding Iron by Hunter Gatherer

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