the great pearl debate

Everyone seems to have an opinion on pearls. Those who dislike them argue they’re twee and out-dated. Some even say it’s unlucky for brides to wear pearls on their wedding day; something often linked to the belief that they represent ‘angel tears’ (needless to say both beliefs date far back into the realms of history). I must admit I sit firmly on the other side of the debate and have no shame in saying that I love pearls! One of my all-time favourite pieces of jewellery is a long pearl necklace with an ornate ‘hand of fatima’ pendant. I think it’s the pearls that make it so unusual and I’m always complimented on it!

Today you don’t have to look hard to find pearl accessories adorning the shelves in our favourite shops, with many designers using the ‘traditional’ stone in an array of quirky and unique designs. Personally I don’t think myth or folklore should prevent anyone from wearing something pretty – especially on your wedding day! Pearls are a perfect way to strike the balance of traditional and modern chic, that so many brides strive for when creating their wedding look.

So there are my pearls of wisdom (I couldn’t resist that!) and here is a pick of the prettiest pearls out there at the moment…

My favourite bracelets include; the White Pearl Flower And Butterfly Bracelet by TigerLily Trading. It is delicate and pretty making it the perfect way to subtly integrate pearls into your bridal look. If you wanted a bolder statement piece then the Grecian Goddess Pearl Cuff Bracelet by Hermione Harbutt is absolutely fabulous! Its vintage feel oozes elegance and really could look stunning with wedding dresses in a variety of styles.

I also love Wue’s classic string of simple freshwater pearls, the Something Blue Pearl Necklace, which is timelessly elegant. What I actually love most is it has a blue pearl threaded onto the string, that sits by the clasp at the back of your neck. Not only will they perfectly compliment dresses with a lower neckline, simple style dresses and vintage inspired creations; you can also tick the something new and something blue boxes in one go (how very clever?).

For those who prefer more delicate bridal jewellery, pearl pendants are the perfect way to achieve this. There are so many beautiful designs available, but I’ve plumed for the Two Peas in a Pod Pendant by Argent of London, for somewhat obvious reasons! It may seem a tad cheesy but it’s a unique and stylish pendant, that represents the sentiment of a wedding and what the day is really about.

No doubt this won’t be the last you hear of my pearl love affair, but for now, have your say in the great pearl debate. Would you consider wearing them on your wedding day? If so why not recommend some of your favourite pearly pieces…

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