the great leap year debate

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It’s a leap year ladies, which makes tomorrow (29th February) a very rare day indeed, that comes around once every four years. Traditionally, as I’m sure you are all aware, it’s a day that women can choose to propose to the man in their life.

Times have changed and it is and should be more than acceptable for women to propose to their partners at any time of the year, any year!

The fact that 2012 is a leap year has naturally thrown the subject open to debate. Instead of me giving my view (which would be “not for me” by the way) I thought it would be fun and much more democratic to pop my own question to some of my lovely colleagues.

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I asked the ladies: Would you consider proposing to your partner this leap year? The diverse and thoughtful answers came flooding in and roughly fell into the following categories…

No, categorically, no…

Definitely not!

No way – he would hate it (and I really want a ring!).

No, it’s taking the right away from the poor guy to get down on one knee.

No, because I’d never forget it and always be wondering for the rest of my life if he would have asked me if I hadn’t asked him.

I think my boyfriend would be mortified if I asked him (probably a male pride thing!) but I don’t think I’d be brave enough to do it either. I think generally when a man is ready to get married he will ask!

No, I want to experience the surprise of having someone propose to me. To know that someone else has thought about spending the rest of their life with me and loves me that much they want to ask ‘the question’. Obviously after asking my dad’s permission first though!

I wouldn’t personally as I think it’s the man’s prerogative to ask the lady!

I wouldn’t, I think it would be nice to be asked. You never know they might have been planning the perfect proposal – then you’ve ruined it! I definitely think you could drop hints though…

No. I have no plans to get married ever so me proposing really isn’t going to happen!


No personally, but there’s nothing wrong with it…

My answer would be no, personally! But if a women does want to propose they should do it whenever they would like to. I would not be bound by a set date that I was “allowed” to propose on!

Personally, I wouldn’t do it as I’m quite traditional when it comes to marriage. But if you’re brave enough then go ahead!


Yes, but…

I think I’d prefer to be proposed to, but I wouldn’t be against asking him myself (if I was sure they wanted to get married, otherwise that’d be a bit awkward!).

I would certainly think about it seriously but I think my question would be ‘Will you propose to me soon?’ as I really want that question asked to me too.


Yes! Yes! Yes!


I would, why not?! Though I wouldn’t feel restricted to Feb 29th on leap years!

I wouldn’t mind popping the question, but as 29th February is my mum AND my Grandma’s birthday, they’d probably get too upset about me stealing their once-every-four-years’ birthday thunder!

I’ve only been with my boyfriend for eight months, but maybe next leap year if he doesn’t ask before then!

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To get an interesting and balanced cross-section of opinion, I also got some of the boys to take part and asked how they would feel if their girlfriend popped the question? And more importantly, would they say yes? Here are some of their very interesting answers:

Yes would be my answer to everything! I’d like it and I’d accept.

No, I wouldn’t like it and, no, I wouldn’t say yes.

I probably wouldn’t like being asked – I like being master of my own destiny.  Would I say yes? Probably. I like an easy life. Romantic, aren’t I?

No, I’d want to do it.

Yes, I wouldn’t mind!

I’m probably neutral.  If I felt that it was the right time to propose, I would do so but I’m not opposed to the idea of the girl proposing either and I’d say yes if it felt right. I guess it all depends on the situation!

The answers are all really interesting and I love that everyone has a slightly different take on the subject. I’m not sure whether there is a definite answer or preference we’ve been able to gather, as although lots of people answered “no”, it is more a personal thing and lots of us aren’t actually opposed to the concept, in general. Will things be different in four years time, the next leap year, I wonder?

Why don’t you join our great leap year debate and leave your comments below, married, engaged or other, we’d love to hear what you think?

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