the cherry on your wedding cake

Nine Pom Cake Toppers by The Original Pop Up Shop

Every area of wedding styling is a blank canvas for creativity and for putting a unique stamp on your wedding day. No stone is left unturned, no ‘t’ left uncrossed and no ‘i’ goes un-dotted when it comes to making your day personal to you.

With the cost of weddings rising and the emergence of wedding DIY as a popular trend, more and more couples are looking at ways to cut costs and make their budgets go further – without compromising on style.

Sadly for some, the wedding cake can be one of the first things to go when the purse strings have to tighten. Even if it’s not life-or-death important to your wedding, it’s still a great shame to have to cut back on something that traditionally plays such a huge role (and tastes pretty fantastic, too).

Cake toppers may not sound like a ground-breaking solution, but in a matter of seconds they can transform a plain, less expensive or handmade wedding cake into a true work of art. The days of dodgy edible bride-and-grooms and generic floral decorations seem like a distant memory now, thanks to the many couples who break the mould and opt for more original alternatives to match the style of their big day.

Whatever your wedding style, we’ve compiled a collection of toppers that will make the ultimate accoutrement to even the simplest wedding cake:

Personalised ‘Mr & Mrs’ Deco Cake Topper by Miss Cake

A selection of designs by Miss Cake

Pair Of Personalised Porcelain Lovebirds by badgers badgers

Personalised Brushed Silver 10cm Cake Topper by Contemporary Weddings

Set Of Six Handmade Cupcake Flags by Button Box Cards

Bunting Cake Topper by Quirky Boots

What will you be putting on the top of your wedding cake? We’d love to hear your ideas…

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