The Bridal Party

The time has come for me to set my hidden wedding Pinterest boards live. I am getting married! No need to live in fear of pinning a wedding dress to a public Pinterest board, or my boyfriend finding my scrapbook of wedding magazine clippings that I’ve been collecting since 1998. That last part isn’t true… I’ve only had them since 2005.

“Have you set a date yet? Chosen a venue? Who are your bridesmaids going to be?” These are the most frequently asked questions since I got engaged to my fiancé, Rolo, in February this year. I am only able to answer one of those questions so far!

I am very lucky to have seven sisters, so choosing my bridesmaids was easy. Along with my best friend, Rachel, I will have the grand total of eight bridesmaids, and I wanted to make sure I asked them in a less ordinary way…

I decided to hold a “Bridal Party” at my house for my bridesmaids and my Mum, the official Mother of the Bride. Working at gave me a huge head start in choosing bridesmaid gifts and decorations for the party. As part of my job I look at exciting new products every day, so I gradually built up my wish list. I chose a Pastel and Gold theme and served an afternoon tea… with prosecco rather than tea (obviously).


Ginger Ray is a favourite of mine for unique party decorations. I chose their chevron design platesnapkins and straws and finished off with their table confetti – a lot of which ended up adorning our faces! And of course, a party isn’t complete without pom poms hanging from the ceiling. Their mini flags graced my attempt at mini Victoria sponges.

This amazing mint green sequin table runner from brand new partner The Sweet Hostess went perfectly with my theme. I’ve had my eye on Bubblegum Balloons’ tassel garlands for a while now and finally had an excuse to use them. I haven’t taken them down yet…

I tried my hand at being a domestic goddess for the day by cutting the crusts off the sandwiches and making scones. However, nothing could compare to the personalised cookies by Nila Holden.  Everyone loves a cookie with their name on! The bridesmaid dress cookies gave us all some inspiration for the real thing.

Bridesmaid Gifts

When it came to buying a gift for each of my bridesmaids, I started with White Knot’s ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid’ balloon cards.

Sarah & Bendrix’s PomPom Necklaces are so beautiful that I wanted to keep one for myself! My sisters loved them. You can personalise J&S Jewellery’s Will You Be My Bridesmaid Necklaces with different charms including personalised stars, so they were the perfect unique gift for my bridesmaids.

I am a big fan of Alphabet Bags so I was really excited to see they had Mother of The Bride, Bridesmaid and Maid of Honour tote bags.

So that the planning can well and truly begin, I have armed by Maid of Honour (my sister Lucy) and my Mum with planning notebooks from The Green Gables.  The pages are still empty at the moment but should start to fill up over the next few weeks.

Now that the bridesmaids are sorted, next on the list is to set a date!


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