The Art of Storytelling

There’s no doubt that a well told tale has the power to excite the imagination and captivate even the most unwilling audience. Here at we love stories, and some of the best still remain those we heard as children. We’re not just talking about nursery rhymes either.

A great story can turn bath time into an aquatic adventure or make roasting marshmallows around a campfire a whole lot scarier. A great story can send you to sleep, or keep you up all night. But most importantly, a great story can stick with you forever.

There is, however, more to storytelling than meets the eye – Atticus Finch didn’t become a master narrator overnight. We’ve put together a guide on how to tell your little listeners a story that they’ll want to hear again and again.

Nothing makes a story like sound effects. The occasional roar or the sound of hooves clattering can really bring a tale to life. Whether you’re reading from a book or making it up as you go along, our  Storytime Sounds app is the perfect way to set the scene. Our app is specifically designed for story time with children and has over 50 sounds to choose from. From the high seas (cue pirate noise) to magical lost worlds and friendly monsters, there’s tons of sounds to play with. Let your imagination run away with itself and download the app from iTunes now.

Sometimes the best stories are the ones we write ourselves. You may not achieve the well-tuned narratives of a children’s classic, but making it personal will undoubtedly catch your young audience’s attention. Letting your kids determine the outcome of the story is another good way to inspire imaginative thinking. If you want to get the kids excited about telling their own stories, why not shake things up with a set of story dice?

Tell Me A Story Dice Set by E-Side
Personalised Child’s Story Book by Lostmy.Name

There’s no better way to put your children at the centre of your story, than through dressing up. Why not choose an adventure that matches your children’s dressing up box, encouraging them to act out their favourite scenes. Alternatively, use hand puppets to take on the voices of the main characters.

Animal Dress Up Set by Crafts4Kids
Animal Temporary Hand Tattoos by Posh Totty Designs Interiors

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