Being healthy is as much about being kind to your mind, as it is about working up a sweat. Swap stress and self doubt for positivity and inner calm by mastering the art of mindfulness.  Don’t worry, there are no swinging pendulums involved, all you need is focus and a little bit of patience.

Like yoga for the brain, mindfulness is all about experiencing the present, acknowledging thoughts and accepting feelings. To help channel your inner zen and find your happy, we’ve put together our favourite ways to stay mindful and feel fab.


Relax. Take a moment to yourself. Breathe deeply. Stimulating your senses during meditation is a great way to purify your space. Our Yoga Balm and Atmosphere Mist Gift Set is made from a blend of essential active oils to help support you physically and emotionally during your practice. Namaste.


Busy schedules can often mean that family time is rare. Our postcode puzzle (personalised with your choice of location) is a great way to bring the family back together.

In order to reconnect, sometimes you have to disconnect. Step back from the gadgets and everyday distractions with a fun workshop constructing your very own kite, before heading to the hills to watch it swooping and dart through the skies.


The *ahem* blissful pursuit of marital harmony requires quality time spent together. If you’re looking for alternative date night ideas, creating your very own song could be just the thing. Singer-songwriter Lottie Mullan will weave your most romantic moments into a song written for just the two of you.

Shown to aid relaxation, concentration, hand eye co-ordination and memory, the art of origami is not one to be overlooked. Learn how to fold paper into beautiful sculptures to take home – with numerous designs to choose from, you’ll be an origami master in no time at all.


Unleash your inner Picasso and learn how to paint with professional artist Nick Malone, in his fully equipped working studio. All skill levels are welcome to take part in the 10 class series, which covers everything from the fundamentals to more advanced techniques.

Keep your hands busy but your body at ease by learning a new skill. Knitting and sewing is made easy with these colourful starter kits. Although we do love a hand-made jumper from Grandma Jones, these designs are so beautiful your friends will be asking for one too. So pick up those knitting needles and start designing.


Colouring books for adults are a massive new trend this year. Sticking inside the lines doesn’t have to be the only goal though; practicing your shading techniques and playing with colour pallets is just as much fun.

Note to self: make more notes. They say think happy thoughts, feel fab, so when you do, jot them down -you’ll have a book full of ‘three good things’ in no time.


Realising what matters most to you is an important part of setting goals for the future. Make sure you’re in a positive state of mind before picking up a pen and jotting down all your plans for the future.

It’s easy to forget how much those magic words can really mean. A simple thank you is the perfect way to show just how much you care. Share these notes of gratitude with friends or pop them on your mantle to remind yourself everyday that ‘you’re blooming marvelous’.

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