thoughtful thank you gifts

Part One

Thank you gifts for the wedding party can often be a panic and something left to the last minute. Thanking those close to you for being a part of your day and for their special contribution to it, means so much to all involved. The best man, the bridesmaids, the Mother’s, the Father’s, an extra-specially-helpful friend or Aunt…the list goes on. The hardest part is that you want every gift to be personal and touching to the recipient, but time and money can often make this a challenge.

Keepsakes of the day are not just important to you and your partner, but to your guests too. They will also cherish the memories of the day for years to come and thank you gifts are the perfect way to give them a token that represents that and what their support has meant to you. Gifts with a personal touch are perfect for members of the wedding party and they don’t have to cost the earth. Here are my picks for the ladies in your wedding party…

It may not always be practical to give all your bridesmaids the same necklace; they may be a variety of ages and have very different tastes. Jewellery is the most obvious choice when it comes to thanking the female members of the wedding party. Personalised pieces are thoughtful and special and mean you can give the same item, but change the wording, initals, choice of charms and gemstones to tailor it to each person’s taste. Mia Belle Jewellery’s, Personalised Charm Necklace, at £28 is gorgeous and great value. It has so many options to choose from, even down to the length of the chain and the finish of the silver! The Word Bangle is a classic and simple choice, that allows you to choose a whole phrase or message to be engraved upon it. You can get really creative and personal with each selection and create a gift that will be tresured forever.

These Personalised Bridesmaid Hearts are a lovely token and great value at £14 each. They come in a range of colours allowing you to reflect the favourite colours of your Flowers Girls or Bridesmaids. They could also be incorporated into your own wedding styling; by hanging on the backs of chairs and matching your wedding colour theme. Lily Belle Girl do a great range of jewellery for little girls, my personal favourite is the Flower Girl Necklace. I also love the vibrant Heart Pendants by Fingerprints, which allows you to choose various colour ways and add an extra special touch with an initial on the heart charm.

Giving the same flowers to the Mother of the bride is fair, but could be a mine-field when it comes to selecting and avoiding certain flowers and god forbid one bouquet is bigger than the other! Whilst flowers are beautiful and a very appropriate thank you gift in most instances, they don’t last. Why not choose a rustic Plantabox instead? They come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes for green-fingered mothers to fill with herbs and flowers for their garden or home. To be extra thoughtful, you could even plant them up yourselves to create extra impact when you present their gift. Alternatively they could even be proudly kept as a keepsake box or to hold household items, such as magazines, depending on their personal taste.

For something completely different, Jo Heckett does a beautiful range of ceramic magnets and tokens. They come in black presention boxes and mean you can spell out messages, words and names, personal to each person. Everytime your nearest and dearest go to the fridge – they will think of you and your wedding day! Individual personalised prints are a quirky way to say thank you, my favourites are; the Heart of Hearts Personalised Print, ‘What Would You Do?’ Print, ‘…Everyone wishes they had’ print and finally for the little ones, the ‘Calico Bird’print.

Coming soon is a pick of the best personalised thank you gifts for the men in your wedding party.

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