tell us your wedding story so far… Cora and Pete

How did you get engaged? Tell us the story…

We were in New York having dinner on our second last night. We had finished dessert and Peter said “So… serious question… Would you consider becoming Mrs Norrey?” having no idea that he was planning on proposing, I thought he was talking hypothetically. “You can’t ask that kind of question hypothetically” was my vaguely flippant response. “No… I mean… how would you feel about getting married?” he said in a slightly more urgent manner. Completely baffled I responded (quite curtly), “You’re still talking hypothetically, seriously, this is not the kind of thing you can discuss over dinner after a couple of glasses of wine”. Then he said, relatively loudly “NO… I mean… WILL YOU MARRY ME?” That shut me up… “oh….” Completely speechless “oh… oh ok”, then he produced the ring (which my sister had made and I had been lusting after for ages and I burst into tears. On the way back to the hotel we kept stopping, looking at each other and saying “So, we’re engaged then… right?”. It took quite a while to sink in.

Is there a theme/style for your wedding? Why did you choose it?

A summer garden party… we wanted everything to be really relaxed. Just like it would be if we had four friends over. Peter’s not very keen on formal dress and never wears a tie and I’m addicted to bunting, picnics and bright colours!

What are your key gift list items?

Peter’s super keen on getting the kitchen really well kitted out so there are a lot of practical items like knife sets and chopping boards. I however am obsessed with the Caroline McGrath sandcastle bowls and the yellow submarine print from Durnall Designs (my engagement ring is a yellow submarine!!).

Is your wedding turning out as you dreamt it would?

I had never really had ‘the dream wedding’ planned in my head – so in a way ‘yes’ as it’s turning out well so far!

What is your one wedding tip?

Don’t send save the dates until you’ve worked an awful lot out! We got over excited and sent out our save the dates really early. In hindsight, it would have been easier had we’d put together a rough budget and a few lists first!

Cora is PA to Holly Tucker

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