tell us about your wedding story so far… Louise and Anthony

How did you get engaged?

For a long time I had wanted to take Ant to the place in Cornwall where I spent all my summers as a child. Finally, we both had a week off last August, and took ourselves off on a little road trip. On our second day we went to the beach where I had spent so much time when I was little and I showed him all the rocks we used to explore, the giant rock pool (so lovely, you have to see it!) and the cave we used to swim through. It was such a lovely day and a big trip down memory lane for me! A bit later on when the sun was going down and the beach was emptying out, we were sitting reading our books when Ant got up and wondered over to climb a bit of the cliff up to a little ledge. He was standing up there and waving over at me so I waved back and took a photo, then realised that he wanted me to go over. I was quite happy where I was and really didn’t fancy doing any more climbing so I gestured that I was staying where I was. After a while it became clear that he really wanted me to go over. When I got over there he then wanted me to climb up to join him, and so ensued another session of ‘come on!’ from him and ‘I’m not really up for it’ from me. As you’ve probably guessed, he finally persuaded me to climb up in the end, and when he went down on one knee I nearly fell straight back down again! I can’t really explain the giddy mix of happiness and disbelief, but the sun setting over the sea made it all a bit picture perfect, we were very happy bunnies!

Is there a theme/style for your wedding? Why did you choose it?

We don’t really have a theme and haven’t chosen a specific colour either. However, our wedding location in central London provided the inspiration for our save the dates, which we made to look like travel cards and we continued this by including the London skyline on our invitations. Our reception venue has quite eclectic decor so all we really need to do is fill it with tea lights, flowers and we have a couple of lovely signs from Delightful Living too!

What are your key gift list items?

I adore Lou Rota’s beautiful hummingbird and flamingo tableware and I’ve had my eye on the handmade wooden blanket boxes from Papa Theo for a long time!

Is your wedding turning out as you dreamt it would?

So far, I think so! I know it’s a cliché but I’m just really looking forward to a day where we have as many of our favourite people as possible in one place, eating, drinking, dancing and laughing.

What is your one wedding tip?

Start following wedding blogs – this honestly isn’t just a shameless plug! Blogs like Style Me Pretty, Rock My Wedding, OMG I’m getting married, and Ruffled have been such a brilliant source for everything from venues and suppliers, to styling ideas and tips for making sure the day runs smoothly. Another great place to look for lots of visual inspiration is Pinterest – I can lose whole weekends on there!

Well, the weddings team just can’t wait for this wedding. Congratulations Lou and Ant!

Louise is Weddings Business Manager

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