Summer Jewellery Trends Edit

The seasons are finally changing and, with summer tantalisingly within reach, the warmer weather is bringing in a plethora of new and exciting jewellery trends. Free of our coats and heavy knits, the focus is once again on accessories. From nature-inspired pieces and personalised jewellery to the ever popular trend for friendship bracelets, there’s a wide range of styles to suit any taste. We’ve picked our favourites that are set to be big trends, and have chosen some key pieces that will see you through the summer season in style.

jewellery inspired by nature

1. Honey Bee Necklace by Glover & Smith

2. Silver Daisy Stem Ring by Bug

3. Silver Feather Ring by Lily & Joan

4. Topaz And Gold Sparkle In The Wild Ring by Chupi

5. Wild Wood Bangle by Summer and Silver

Perhaps it’s the lure of the outside, or the promise of hazy summer days in the park, but nature-inspired pieces are having a major moment. Natural forms are everywhere in jewellery this summer, from bright shades of coral to delicate petal shapes. Animal pendants are also particularly in vogue – a simple chain hung with a beautifully crafted insect or animal is an easy way to update your look.

festival style friendship bracelets

1. Set Of Two Beaded Fringe Bracelets by Lilac Coast

2. Hipanema Salvidor Bracelet by aspiga 

3. Gold Chain And Silk Friendship Bracelet by Vioella

4. Friendship Bracelet by Amara Amara

5. Personalised Neon Charm Bracelet by Merci Maman

For the past few years, friendship bracelets have proved as popular as ice cream during the summer months. An inherently summery look, friendship bracelets are a staple that can easily transform a simple dress into a chic outfit. There are different styles to suit every fashionista, from vintage beaded looks to woven tribal-themed bracelets. Whether you’re wearing individual pieces or combining a few styles, this is a trend you can easily adopt to suit your own taste and clothing choices.

name necklaces

1. Personalised Handmade Silver Name Necklace by Jemima Lumley Jewellery 

2. Personalised Drop Tag Necklace by Posh Totty Designs Boutique 

3. Personalised Sterling Silver Tag Necklace by Notes

4. Personalised Wooden Name Necklace by Finest Imagery

5. Personalised Cord Chain Bracelet by Norigeh 

After a peak in popularity in the early nineties (thanks to a certain TV character-come-style icon), name necklaces are in favour again and, you’ll be glad to hear, in much more tasteful guises. Whether crafted from delicate metals or wood, a name necklace is an investment piece that you’ll wear forever. Whilst it’s nice to wear costume jewellery to create a certain look, there’s something lovely about having a timeless signature piece that becomes part of your everyday style.

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