Summer holiday entertaining

Wait all year to spend more time with the kids, and then wonder how you’ll survive when six whole weeks come along? Cue our summer holiday guide on keeping the little ones smiling, and making it as much of a holiday for you as it is for them.

Week one: “More time with the kids –hoorah!”

They feel free and you’ve finally got them all to yourself — who’s more excited? Start by taking some much-needed family time, throw in a few unique experiences — like a hula hooping day out — et viola, more wonderful memories to add to your collection.

Above: Hula Like A Pro Class For Two by The Indytute | Become A Young Blacksmith by Oldfield Forge | Family Weekend Woodland Escape With BBQ Pack by North Star Club

Week Two: “Wait… still five weeks left?”

Before you start willing them back into the hands of the teachers, keep excitement levels high with a series of projects. Arts and crafts, baking subscriptions and summer holiday journals will keep their brains ticking, provide hours of fun and give them something to be proud of at the end (yep, even that wonky cake).

Above: Four Craft Projects Pack by toucanBox | Kids Bake Club Three Months by Bakes Box | Rant And Rave About My Holiday
by From You to Me

Week Three: “Can I sleep now?”

If their energy is boundless and yours isn’t what it once was, enlist help in the form of equally-full-of-beans friends and super-fun activities. Make-believe play, magical dens and group sports will keep them occupied for hours, which means you’ll just have to sit back and relax.

Above: Lightening Bolt Cape by iwishiwasa | Children’s Play Teepee In Monochrome Cross Print by Wildfire Teepees | Personalised Rounders Set
by Auntie Mims

Week Four: “This entertaining lark is expensive”

Good news – entertaining the little ones needn’t come with a big price tag. Phew! Budget-friendly ideas like picnics, treasure hunts and kite-flying fun will keep the children happy, and your bank accounts even happier.

Above:Bear Skin Picnic Blanket by All Things Brighton Beautiful | Personalised Spaceship Kite by My 1st Years | Colour In Treasure Hunt Book Choice Of Two by Eggnog LTD

Week Five: “Ok, I’m out of ideas – help!”

When inspiration’s low, why not get the kids to help you out with some gardening? Of course you’ll disguise it as planting magical growing veg, meeting new wriggly friends and a game of ‘who can collect the most leaves?’ (we’ll not tell).

Above: Personalised Mini Wooden Planter by Plantabox | Personalised Fairy Garden Kit by Potting Shed Designs | Personalised Child’s Gardening Gift Set by Tattybogle

Week Six: “You’re leaving? So soon?”

The end is nigh! And in the week you thought you’d never see coming, you may find yourself wanting more. Squeeze in a few more days of precious family time, with a bit of back-to-school prep. And these super-cool treats are the perfect way to earn them extra school cred and you a few brownie points.

Above: Doodle Pencil Case by eatsleepdoodle |Award Winning Colour In Bag + Fabric Pens by Eggnog LTD | Back To School Notebook by The Alphabet Gift Shop |

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