storing your wedding dress

I mentioned a few weeks ago that, after writing the post Trash or Treasure, I have decided to keep my dress. It really is just too precious to give away; I’m not sure if, even if someone had shown interest, I would have ever been able to hand it over.

So, then came the issue of how to store it… My dress has been hanging in it’s bag on the back of the wardrobe since it came back from the cleaners, and I’m sure it’s not very good for it to be swinging around each time I open the door!

When I picked it up from the cleaners, they did say that they could also box it for me, but the price (on top of the cleaning) made my eyes water and I was sure I’d be able to find something cheaper if I shopped around.

That was in August last year, and needless to say it became one of those things that I never got round to doing! Finally, last week I scouted around and came across The Memories and Nostalgia Collection who supply a range of items designed to preserve memories from lots of different occasions, and particularly storing wedding dresses. Some might describe the wedding boxes as a little twee, but I found a great priced one on there and my main criteria was that both the box and the tissue paper were acid free (the acid used in some boxes can cause permanent damage). The box arrived yesterday and at the weekend I will pack my dress up and store the memories away.

Image by Amy Murrell

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