mummy’s got a sticker chart

The worm has turned in our household: It’s definitely come to something when your ten-year-old presents you with a reward chart for completion by the end of the month! I’m not sure what it means, but I was pretty sure all the hard-working mums out there would help figure it out for me. I get stickers for taking her to horse-riding myself (and not calling from a traffic jam half way home to say I can’t, as I usually do), for being the ‘helper mum’ on a school trip (nailed that one), and for any kind of home-baking (completely out of the question, I’m afraid). My daughter Honor never stops telling me how proud she is of what I do (in fact she’s an honorary Not Girl, coming into the office to get us to smarten up our filing system whenever she gets the opportunity) so I’m taking this as a chance to shine on the maternal front, and not as a hint that I could do better! Sound familiar?