standing room only!

Holly and I spoke at Pulse last Tuesday, and it was a really great moment – the room was packed full of inspired faces, eager to hear the story. We really enjoyed answering all the questions at the end and there were a lot of them! But that’s what we like – it’s fantastic to be able to feed our learnings through to small businesses who can use the knowledge, or who want to come on board with! Lucy, Emma and Joanne were inundated with interest at the end, and some wonderful small businesses have signed up with us already. We’ll keep you updated with our next appearances on future blog entries, and please do feedback to us – we love to hear your comments.

  • Comment by deborah

    Thanks for the inspiring presentation – it was great to hear the story of how it all started first hand and live from you both, and useful to hear all your ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ of running a business. The NOT girls rock!

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