Every bride wants to look her best on the-happiest-day-of-her-life, and no matter what her shape or size, unwelcome lumps and bumps are probably something she’d like to banish.

Cue Spanx (or some other generic clever slimming contraption). I don’t have a lot of experience with these things but I have tried something along these lines, and have found that the issue is that the lumps and bumps have to go somewhere, and that is normally around the edges of said piece of underwear.

The other thing is that I know just how delicious the food is at our venue and, frankly, I want to be able to eat it!

Of course many wedding dresses are built to nip in your waist and cleverly disguise any areas you are less than pleased with, but what if you have fallen in love with an ethereal, unstructured beauty?

I have some American cousins who swear by these things and even though they are both lovely svelte beings, they wouldn’t dream of wearing any figure hugging dress without a little smoothing assistance.

I can’t deny that I’d love a little extra help with the flattening of my stomach on the day, but I also know that my nerves will require me to take lots of deep breaths, which is not so easy when you’ve been vacuum packed into your dress!

So to Spanx or not to Spanx…? Please help!

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