sole mates

Today’s post is inspired by our wedding team newlywed, Louise. She was telling us a funny story about her aunty and uncle’s wedding where the best man wrote ‘HE’ on the sole of the groom’s left shoe and ‘LP’ on his right, in chalk. When he knelt down, therefore revealing the bottom of his shoes spelling out ‘HELP’, the whole congregation roared with laughter – much to both of their surprise!

A slightly more stylish version of this idea are the Wedding Shoe Stickers designed by Nutmeg. They have a range of stickers available in a number of colours and typefaces to suit both the bride and/or groom. Some of the more sentimental sayings include; ‘I Do’, ‘Soul Mates’ and ‘Ever After’. They also have a couple of comedy, tongue-in-cheek offerings, such as ‘Game Over’!

Nutmeg can also create bespoke designs giving you the chance to personalise with both of your initials or a secret message. Even if your chosen ceremony won’t involve kneeling it is a really sweet and personal styling touch that makes for a great wedding photo! Any of the seven pre-defined sayings cost just £4.25 each and it’s only £5.25 to choose a personalised design, making the stickers great value for money and a cool way to inject a little dose of fun or sentiment into proceedings!

Nutmeg, also have other decorative wedding stickers that are great for styling your venue or wedding car.

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