shout it from the battlements!

It’s turning out to be a bit of an Engagement extravaganza this week which is very exciting, indeed! We love sharing real wedding and engagement stories and everyone loves to read them. Today’s offering is a proposal ‘quest’ that deserves ten out of ten for effort, thought and creativity and if you read on you’ll see exactly why. I’ll hand you over to Anandi, to tell you in her own words how her fiance Dave, asked for her hand…

During a stay at my parents, I was woken one morning by a call from my sister asking me to bring a collection of things she’d ‘conveniently’  left at home, to her at her college (immediately!). So, I stumbled grumpily out of bed and took the short walk to meet her in the grounds of Norwich cathedral.

Upon arrival, it became clear that I’d been summoned under false pretences, as she instructed me to change into my favourite dress (which she had ready and waiting). At this point I was terrified that whatever was about to happen was going to be extremely embarrassing. My sister led me through a secret side door of the cathedral, into the quiet nave, bidding me farewell and leaving me on my own rather perplexed!

A moment later my father appeared, beaming with a “fancy seeing you here” look and gave me a cryptic clue. It was very exciting and each new clue lead me through my favourite childhood places. I collected heart-shaped notes and delicious slices of cake, along the way and eventually arrived (after a short climb!) at the battlements of Norwich castle.

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At the top of the battlements, with a pair of binoculars, I was instructed to focus on the entrance of City Hall half a kilometre below. I had no idea what I was supposed to be looking for, but after searching for a while I identified Dave down below in a tuxedo (bit of a Prince Charming moment!) He then shouted across Norwich “I love you Anandi Green”, waved a bunch of roses and beckoned me to join him. At this point my heart was really racing in my chest!

By the time I got there Dave had completely disappeared and in the bunch of roses was the final note: ‘Meet me in the plantation gardens’.

Feeling extremely excited and totally overwhelmed I made my way to the beautiful Victorian botanical garden, in which Dave asked me to be his wife…

Just in case you were wondering… Anandi said YES!

Thank you so much to Anandi and Dave for telling us their romantic proposal tale. They have set a date and will be getting married at Norwich Cathedral in July. I’m delighted to say that this isn’t the last we will hear from this lovely couple. As well as sharing details of their summer wedding, they will also be telling us all about their favourite wedding gift list items. We can’t wait!

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