Shelves and storage ideas for hallways

You know how it goes: you come home from work, get through the front door and throw your keys/Oyster card/headphones down on the nearest possible surface. The next morning when you’re trying to get ready, you can’t find any of the bits you came in with and start to wonder if you might have been mugged on the way home. Sound familiar? Well, we have the answer to all your troubles: shelves.

Some people might find it odd that we get excited by shelves, but we think they’re brilliant. So much so, that we’ve put together this edit of our favourite shelves, hooks and storage ideas to liven up your hallway. These ideas are the solution to your purse/phone/key-related woes – create a specific place in your home to host your handbag essentials, so you’re less likely to lose them. These pieces will also make your hallway space work a bit harder – make the most of the room you have available by creating storage on the walls.

Solid Oak Shelf by Childs & Co.
Twig Coat Hanger by Hive
Coat Loop by Tom Raffield
Letter Rack And Key Holder by The Metal House
Postcode Key Rack by The Oak & Rope Company
Nordal Metal Hat Shelf With Hooks by Idea Home Co.
Hall Mirror and Coat Rack by MijMoj Design Limited
Envelope Mail Shelf by Goodwin + Goodwin

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