School’s out

Remember the days when you’d get six weeks off school for summer? (For those of you who are unsure, summer is a historical term that was traditionally used to describe the sunny period that once occurred between June and September.) There was nothing like that feeling of freedom, knowing that you had six whole weeks without stuffy classrooms, homework or long-suffering teachers… although we concede that there were few pleasures greater than the excitement at the thought of buying a new pencil case for next term.

The aforementioned teachers no doubt felt a similar relief at being pupil-free for those few sacred weeks, due in no small part to the array of gifts that are traditionally presented to them at the end of term. It’s certainly true that the traditional teacher gifts of generic chocolates, notepads or the unwanted smellies you were given for Christmas aren’t very inspiring. However, just like the best teachers, we can inspire you by taking a different approach. So if you’re after something a little bit different to tell a teacher that they’ve made a difference, we’ve got some lovely original and personal gift ideas to inspire you. Happy holidays!

‘Thank you Teacher’ Apple Card by Jenny Arnott

Personalised School Report Mirror by Sew Very English
‘Best Teacher’ Mug by Sweet William Designs
Personalised ‘Best Teacher’ Sweetie Gift Box by This Is Pretty
Personalised Teacher’s Gift Print by Letterfest
Personalised Teacher’s Chocolate Bar by The Chocolate Library
Best Teacher Personalised Print by Disco Butterfly
Teacher’s Personalised Blackboard Sign by Kitty’s
Personalised Teacher Hand Carved Rubber Stamp by Skull and Cross Buns
Personalised Thank You Teacher Card by Belle Photo Ltd
Sharpener Desk Tidy by all things Brighton beautiful
‘Thanks’ Biscuit Card by The Biscuiteers

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