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Whether you’re getting married this summer or not, the chances of you being invited to a wedding is or knowing someone who is tying the knot, is relatively high! And despite what the happy couple decide in terms of Wedding Gift Lists, you will always give or send them a hand-picked wedding card.

Cards are things we hoard and treasure for years after an event, especially wedding cards. It seems wrong somehow, to throw something away that has been chosen with so much thought and even worse when you think of the heart-felt words written inside being forgotten.

People say ‘congratulations’ all day long, but a wedding card is a lasting symbol of all those good wishes. Afterwards they are kept safely and forever, serving as individual keepsakes of the day. This makes choosing the right card so important. So say it with love and say it with style. Here are some of my favourites…

a pick of the personalised:

The Personalised Couples Card, is a quirky and funny card that aligns the special couple with all the ‘greats’ (Homer and Marge Simpson included!). This ‘Perfect Together Card’ is food-inspired and a bit tongue in cheek, but very sweet and still meaningful. The Personalised Embroidered Wedding Bouquet Card, comes in a wide range of colourways for you to tailor to the couples taste or wedding theme.

Violet Pickle’s Personalised Wedding Card, is lovely chic option but still has a special handmade charm about it. The ‘Words of Love Card’, can be personalised with initials and a love heart. It is simple, sweet and also eco-friendly – with a choice of seven colour ways (I love red!). Finally, the Personalised Magnet Wedding Card, is an ultra-cool choice. The Magnet attached to the front of the card is a key part of the design and an ingenious touch. It can be removed and adorn the newly-wed’s fridge, as a keepsake they can admire everyday.

the best of the rest:

The ‘Growing Together’ Card is full of wedding sentiment and is more than about just the day itself, as it alludes to the couple’s happy future together. Another quirky option, with a similar wedding message is the ‘Happy Ever After’ Card. I also love The Humming Bird Card Company’s range of laser-cut cards. They have a number of wedding inspired designs, that are simple but intricate at the same time (they remind me of lace).

Why not say it simply, with these chic and simple offerings? They give you the chance to say all you want to say inside, the Congratulations Greeting Card, Big Red Heart Card and the French Love Greetings Card.

Whatever type of card you decide to give, choose it and give it with love…

  • Comment by Hayley (Ruby Wren)

    Thanks so much for mentioning the Ruby Wren Words of Love card, Nell! Some beautiful products here…love the Rosie Robin’s card!

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