Say hello to Jenny…

We’re so proud of our growing family; not only our community of over 2,000 small business sellers, but our bright-eyed and bushy-tailed staff that help to make it all happen. So we’re going to introduce them to you, one by one, starting with the lovely Jenny Hyde…

What is your job title?

Partner Communication Manager

Explain your job

Having worked for two and a half years in our Production team, I’ve just started in our Partner Community team. I coordinate the newsletters, guides and other support materials that we send out to our small business sellers, as well as tweeting on our seller Twitter account and getting involved in discussions on our seller forum.

Describe a typical working day

I start off by checking emails, tweets and forum posts, and prioritising any that need imminent replies or input from another team. Then I check through my list of projects and figure out what needs doing that day and week. For example, I’m currently working on writing an in-depth style guide for sellers to use when creating their product pages. Throughout the day, I dip in to our social media channels to chat to sellers and join the discussion with them. I’m often in and out of meetings about various projects and changes that will affect sellers so that I can find the best way of telling them about developments. I’ve always got their ideas, worries and priorities in the back of my mind, and I make sure they’re represented as much as possible in our planning meetings.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Writing. I love to write and create guides and newsletters. And hearing seller’s stories. There are big ones about how their businesses got started, and then the day-to-day tales of how a problem at the post office was overcome, or hearing that they’re off to a school play.

What/where did you study? 

I have a BA (Hons) in Creative Writing from Leeds University. After spending three years writing, I was sick of it! It turns out writing runs deeper than that…

How has your career path lead you to this role?

After graduating, I worked in publishing, which I thought was where I wanted to be. I have always loved the idea of being able to support creative activities, whether helping a writer crystallise a novel or advising a jeweller on how to present their creations to customers.

When I saw were recruiting, I had to apply. The brand was too enticing to ignore. I started off as Partner Production Executive, working with new sellers to make sure they look great when they go live on the site. I had also worked with our seller team on the newsletters and guides (when we were a smaller company, there was a lot of doubling up!), so I was delighted when a role became available to work on this full time.

Favourite product on the site?

Too many to name! I still love my ‘London Calling’ Print by nickprints. I have it in red on buff, and it cheers me up every day.

nickprints' 'London Calling' print

Favourite seller on the site?

Again, I have way too many, especially as I’ve worked with a large proportion of the sellers who are now part of the site. I think at the moment I’ll go with Jenny Arnott. I love her style, and I’ve bought loads of little accessories from her. Plus, she’s one of the only Jennys on the site, so I feel we have a natural affinity!

Current/upcoming trends you’re coveting?

I really hate cycling, but there’s something about line drawings of bikes that I can’t get enough of, especially if they’re penny farthings.

What can’t you live without?


Do you have a favourite magazine?

Psychologies – I love getting inside people’s thoughts and feelings.

For lunch today you ate…

Steamed vegetables and tofu. That sounds so healthy. It’s a fluke, I promise. Tomorrow, it’ll be a massive jacket potato with tuna and cheese.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Going to bed early. No one else seems to love being in bed by 9.30 as much as I do!

What’s on your iPod at the moment?

William Fitzsimmons – he makes beautiful music.

What would you like to be doing in five years’ time?

Writing more, and writing creatively; reading; going to bed early. In terms of my career, I’d like to keep things moving so that I keep learning and doing new things. I get bored and impatient too easily!

  • Hi Jenny!

    Lovely to read some more about you… and imagine my surprise (and delight!) when I read my own name in there! Thank you so much, that is so lovely of you, Jenny xx
    p.s I share your guilty pleasure, being in bed early is one of the best things in the world!

  • Comment by nickprints

    Too kind!! Glad you like it.

    cheers – Nick

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